A retelling of the early morning events in the gloom went something like this.

While it may have looked like a teacher workday or some type of janitorial prep work the PAX under Tammy’s leadership took on Lindley Park Elementary with its hills and flats to move themselves and some work materials around.

5:30 am: 19 Pax gathered at Shovel Flag and brief disclaimer as no FNG’s present

5:32 am: 20th Pax came in leisurely pace


SSH x 20

Slow Windmills (Abe Vigodas) x 15

Sun Gods forward and back 15 each 


Mosey to Lindley Elementary 0.5 miles with mumble chatter including usual whining about the distance

Broke up into three stations, rotated on the Jacob’s Ladder Group

Group 1 on the Hill

Jacobs Ladder with total of 10 started with 1 burpee with big bricks at bottom of hill, carry bricks to top for 9 squats with overhead brick press, then 2 and 8, and so on and so on

Group 2 on the Field

OYO Run to fence and back with exercises in between runs

LBC’s x 30

Freddie Mercuries x 30 double count

Mountain Climbers x 30 double count

Low Slow Flutters x 30 double count

Plank Jacks x 30

Rinse and Repeat

Group 3 (on another hill)

15 Merkins at top

Bricks at bottom for:

Curls x 40

Lateral raises x 40

Overhead press x 40

Tricep Extensions x 40

Mumble chatter about whether this workout came from a Men’s Health Magazine (thanks Amphibious)

Mosey back to shovel flag/basketball courts with more mumble chatter about Starmount Stampede (thanks Amphibious)


Freed to Lead at Harris Teeter immediately after

Brown Bark Run 8/27, 5K, Fundraiser for Homeless in Greensboro. 5K Run in am then family events same location Saturday evening with food trucks, music, outdoor movie

October 1st: Official Launch of F3 High Point at High Point Athletic Complex

COT: taken out by Gunny


Honor to lead this group of men. Major effort today!




PAX: Cheesy Poof, Cummings, Gunny, Valentine, Truth, Boatshow, 3 for 1, Amphibious, Fletch, Gold Digger, HUD, Dean, Leverage, G String, Don’t you Know, Corn Hole, Golden Corral, Streamer, Wilma,

QIC: Tammy