16 Pax (including 2 FNGs) came out to enjoy a beautiful fall (?) morning at circle time. The break in the swampy conditions was most welcomed. We began with the usual disclaimer and then began a short mosey. Headlights were spotted and no, it was not Long Time, but Bodett (no E) with the shovel flag. After a quick shovel flag plant he took the short cut and joined the mosey.


Side Straddle Hop IC x 25

Windmill IC x 25

Sun Gods IC x 15 forward and reverse

Chinooks IC x 15

Copperhead Squats IC x 25

Imperial Walkers IC x 25

and yes, I was stuck on the number 25 today. You may find as you get more elderly that you become more forgetful. I was trying to make a point here but have forgotten….anyway 25 was the number of the day…until

The Thang

We split into teams of three for a quick (?) grinder. First member did squats at one end of parking lot. Second team member did merkins at the other end. Third member ran to relieve his team mate. Goal was to get to 400 merkins (that is a multiple of 25 for anyone who is counting) as a team. Planked for the six.

Next we split into two groups. One group did LBC’s while the other ran a loop around parking lot. When the six was in, we flapjacked. YHC had a long list of core fun planned but time was moving too fast today so we lined up and did Lt. Dan for the length of the cones (no, it wasn’t a 1/4 mile – sorry Bodett). Then we did 15 burpees OYO.

Back to the flag for some Mary:

As always, the Pax enjoyed YHC’s favorite 5 minute plank-o-rama. Followed by American Hammers IC x 25 (what else).

COT: YHC took us out.


3rd F at Panera today at 6:30 am. Thinking about Scooby Do who is under the weather.

Multiple workouts on Tuesday, try a new one this week.

Lunatic Fringe will converge with Uptown Funk this week so do not show up at GDS this week. Will have a special guest, Brown Noser’s friend who will discuss his charity, Dream on 3

Remember that School starts next week. Please watch out for Bodett sleeping late and for kids on the streets and school busses and for teacher’s and staff coming back to our AO’s.

Labor Day convergence at Latham Grinder is coming up. No regular Circle Time that day.

It was my pleasure to lead this morning. Happy to see some more comfortable conditions but mainly just feeling blessed that I can get up and workout with such a great group. Thank you for the honor.

PAX: CHiPs, Grafitti, Kicker, Stage Fright, Botox, Jitterbug, TPS, Bodett, Huffy, Boones Farm, Slag (FNG – Bill Fox), Cecil, Plato, Franco Nannucci (FNG – Ravioli) , Brown Noser, Everest (QIC)

QIC: Everest