37 braved the gloom this morning to come out and suffer together

Warm a rama


20 IC X Imperial Walker

20 IC X Hillbillies

10 count lunge stretch right leg

10 count lunge stretch left leg

ON back, left knee to left shoulder, 10 count

ON back, right knee to right shoulder, 10 count


Gather in parking deck, run up two levels, do exercise and run down to bottom and do exercise, 6 sets

Level 2:

  1. 20 x Merkins
  2. 10 x Burpees
  3. 20 x Merkins
  4. 10 x Burpees
  5. 20 x Merkins
  6. 10 x Burpees

Base Level:

  1. 25 x crunchy frogs
  2. 30 x flutter kicks (each leg)
  3. 25 x crunchy frogs
  4. 30 x flutter kicks (each leg)
  5. 25 x crunchy frogs
  6. 30 x flutter kicks (each leg)


Run through LeBauer Park to the street catty cornered to the park.  Partner up with one other person.  There is a teammate running and a teammate doing the exercise

Runner – 50% to first cone, 75% to second cone, 100% on the way back in

Exerciser – Step ups, Dips, Wojo Squats, Lunges, Mtn. Climbers.   Do the exercise until runner gets back and then tag out

Ran back around LeBauer for  some MARY


20 x Flutter Kicks

20 x LBC’s

5 Plank Extensions

30 x American Hammers



Brown Noser: Next Friday 8/26/16, Dream on 3, Grant sports dreams to kids with life altering diseases.  Charity for Dream on 3 called Kilos for Kids will be next friday.  Leader of the organization will be at Uptown Funk on 8/26 (next friday)

Defib: Putting together a list of guys to take some Navy Seal training with Close Quarters Defense.  Cost of class is $700.  Would love to have folks sign up.  Dwayne Deter is the trainer

Sept. 13th, Benim Brothers at Life Community Church with a wild game dinner,  Profit and Earhardt are getting tables so please let them know if you would like to go.  Benim Brothers is a famous group who used to have a tv show.


YHC took us out



PAX: Ashley, Thermanator, Beaver, Quicken, Swayze, Fanny, Dean, Defib, Buck, Tweezers, JR, Wide Left, Profit, Boatshow, Cheezy Poof, Graffiti, Cecil, Expired, Earhardt, Meneater, Drysdale, Ozone, Boy Wonder, JLove, Mayor, Cummings, Earl Gray, Swank, Dont you know, CornHole, Herme, Girth, Mini Mouse, Taker, Brown Noser, Two Man

QIC: Hushpuppy