17 PAX Threw off their fart sacks and gathered in the gloom for this morning’s Stampede. YHC was ready to give the PAX a challenge with a group warm-up, followed by a 3/4 mile course with varying interval speeds and distance through Old Starmount, and ending with an Indian Run of epic distance. PAX averaged 3.5 miles total.



20 – Side Straddle Hop

11 – Monkey Humpers

15 – Plank Jacks

Disclaimer –It’s you against you today.


The Thang:

Mosey from the shovel flag to the base of the Beverly Rd. Beginning of the group warm-up. PAX ran at interval speeds up Beverly to Madison to Forestdale for introductory sprint the length of Forestdale, followed by a short Mosey from Starmount Dr to Brentwood Rd.

PAX were given instructions and ¾ mile course layout, signage of directions and interval speeds included:

Sprint up Brentwood Hill at 80% speed continue up East Brentwood Rd to the first sign indicating to decelerate to 60% speed towards Madison. At Madison, second sign indicated to turn left and accelerate to 85%. Along Madison, third sign indicated to decelerate back to 60% and continue. At Wedgedale, Old Glory was waiting to greet the PAX along with a sign for the group to turn left and head south along Wedgedale. The fourth sign was part way down Wedgedale instructing to accelerate to 90% for a ¼ mile effort to Starmount Dr. The final leg of the course was 60% Mosey along Starmount Dr back to the beginning at Brentwood Rd. Rise and Repeat, twice or three times until time was called.

Indian Run back to the shovel flag with a route of Starmount Dr to Forestdale to Madison to Beverly.



20 – LBC

15 – Low slow flutters

6 – X’s & O’s

15 – American Hammers



Magic is the new site Q for Tuesday Morning’s Arise work out. Let’s get turnout up! Located at Grace United Methodist Church Downton Greensboro at the corner of Friendly and Edgeworth. Workout is followed by Second F of table and chairs set-up for food kitchen to feed hundreds in need.

Prayers for a friend Tommy who struggling with depression and family issues.

Possible slot open for a Blue Ridge Relay team. Please reach out to Lynda if you are interested.

Maneater led us out with a great prayer!


Great work today men. Honor to be with you all.



PAX: Leverage

QIC: 08/18/2016