Yes, this backblastwill contain a beat-by-beat recap, but more importantly, a call to arms for anyone that has ever had a #sadclown moment. YHC encourages you to read the following testimony. It was shared during today’s COT in hopes of lighting a candle in the midst of so much darkness. Hell, print it and tape it to your bathroom mirror and never doubt your ability to impact someone’s life that has it worse than you; that is fighting a fight no #fartsack could hold a candle to. We are F3. We are freed to lead. We are empowered to help.

Go HERE to support Judy. This is her story (read allowed at today’s COT):

My name is Judy Bradham and I am 41 years old. When I was born I was not breathing.  It took the Doctors five minutes to get me breathing which caused me to have Cerebal Palsy.  Cerebal Palsy is a lack of oxygen to the brain.  It effects my muscles and my speech.  

I have overcome many obstacles in my life because of my parents.  They raised me to be as independent as possible.  I got treated like any other child.  I had my own chores.  I even got my butt whipped when I needed it.  

I went to regular schools.  I was an A-B student. I went to dances and was involved in after school activities.  I graduated in 1994.  I went on to college at Guilford Tech. 

I have two kids, Tommy who is 18 and Kiarra who is 12. They are the light of my life.  I wasn’t supposed to have kids but I have two. I call them my miracle children. 

I lived with my boyfriend. I eventually got married and then got divorced.  After that I lived on my own with Tommy.  I had some help but basically did everything on my own.

I met my second boyfriend on line. We had Kiarra 3 years later.  We broke up then I moved on my own with Kiarra.  I had a CNA come in 3 hours a day to cook meals and give me a bath. I did almost everything else on my own. I washed dishes and warmed up meals. Kiarra and I would go out into the community.  We would do our own grocery shopping. 

In 2012 my Cerebral Palsy got worse.  My neighbor found me on the floor. I could not get up. that was the scariest moment of my life. I went to Greenhaven, a nursing home.  I called it “Green-Hell”.  The CNA’s and the staff did not care.  In March of 2014 I moved to Heartland Living and Rehab. It’s a better place to live.  The CNA’s and staff really care.  

But over time my Cerebral Palsy has gotten worse.  I cannot hold my head or my body up. I wear a vest and a headband attached to my wheelchair to keep me upright. 

Now my wheelchair doesn’t fit my body anymore. It’s very uncomfortable. I need a new wheelchair and Medicaid will not pay for it.  The repairs on the wheelchair will be approximately $8000.00.  This only includes a new back cushion $(3560), and new seat cushion $(4100), and the labor.  A new chair would cost approximately $30,000.00.  

Because I live in a nursing home Medicaid will not cover any wheelchair costs.  If I lived on my own Medicaid would pay for a new chair every five years which they have done in the past.  

Any help you can offer in helping me either upfit my chair or purchase a new one is greatly appreciated.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  



*Snooki has issued a challenge for every member of the Natville PAX to contribute $25. Let’s get it done. Give what you can.
YHC arose from the fartsack looking forward to the opportunity to lead the PAX in the gloom. It served as a mini-sendoff before he turns his focus solely on the CSAUP event known as the BRR. Thinking he had planned an epic beatdown, he was quickly humbled upon arriving to the AO. Boone’s Farm was already there, racking up an #Extra Credit Run. You inspire, my brother.
After setting up camp and sharing a lap with BF, YHC returned to the AO and greeted the PAX. After welcoming the brethren of the gloom, we rolled into:
SSH x 20 IC

String Rippers x 12 IC

Hillbillies x 20 IC

Lucky 7s (#Tclaps to Snooki for taking the lead)

Monkey Humpers x 15 IC

5 Burpees OYO

The jukebox was fired up, Poehler was given the choice b/t #1 or #2 (he chose #2) and what followed was a dumbbell-driven HIIT beatdown that even took YHC by surprise (and I planned it).
The Thang:
The HIIT Show (30 seconds of AMRAP followed by 15 seconds of rest)

all exercises performed w/ weights unless otherwise noted*

-Goblet Squats

-Butterfly Crunches

-Reverse Lunges

-Good Morning + Row

-Pickle Pressers

-Twisting Goblet Squats

-Shot Put

-John Travoltas*

-Ground & Pound

-Clean Lift

-Triple Crush (#CrowdPleaser


Double Deuces (22 reps each exercise) AKA 100% Crowd-Pleaser

all exercises performed w/ weights unless otherwise noted*

-Squat into a Press

-Merkin Jumps* (#BurpWithoutTheEase #PunIntended #Smoked)


-WWE Can-Cans*

-Jumping Knee-to-chest*

-Lt. Dans + Curl

-Buck Furies (Burpee w/ weights)

-Skull Crusher + Marge to Heaven


-Renegade Row Merkins

-Kneeling Lumberjack Chops

-Evolution of Man* (prone position, roll up into a stand)

-Shake the Baby

-Sit Up w/ a Press

After the PAX regained consciousness, the war cry was made to “PUT YOUR NAME ON IT!” and we rolled right into:
AKA: Gary’s “Flabdominal” Murder-fest (Tclaps to Strange Brew for the inspiration)

all exercises called by the Q

6″ for 15 seconds

3 x Rising Pulsators

3 x Rising Flutter Kicks

6″ for 15 seconds

20 x Single Leg Crunches

6″ for 15 seconds

10 x Single Leg Raises

5 Count Rest

Plank for 1 minute

Elbow Plank for 30 seconds

15 X Pickle Pushers

5 Count Break

30 x Dying Cockroaches

5 Count Break

50 Pulsators


TCLAPS to EVERY member of today’s PAX. YHC was overcome with gratitude for the effort and trust you showed today.
Stage Fright took us out
#honored to know EVERY one of you men. Thanks for meeting me in the #gloom
Tommy Boy

PAX: Tommy Boy

QIC: 08/18/16