12 PAX conquered the #fartsack, cut through the muggy chowder and found their way to Arise for the #DRP. No FNGs this morning and so, after a brief (read: non-existent) disclaimer and a retelling of the F3 mission, we moseyed around the AO and found ourselves back where we began for:


SSH x 20 IC

Steve Earls x 18 IC

Don Quixotes x 12 IC

Burpees x 5 OYO

Sun Gods x 12 IC

Chinooks x 12 IC

Moroccan Night Club x 12 IC

Sun God (in reverse) x 12 IC

#FreeShoulderRubs and then divide into three groups for:

The Thang

Station #1 – The Final Countdown

100 Squats

90 LBCs

80 Mtn. Cimbers

70 Lunges

60 Freddie Mercurys

50 Low Slow Flutters

40 Makhtar N’diayes

30 Sit Ups

20 Merkins

10 Supermans

Mosey to:

Station #2 – Put Your Name On It

Signage contained the alphabet, each letter matched with a specific exercise. Spell out your F3 name. R&R until the group is done. Then, mosey to:

Station #3 – Rubbers

5 Tire Flips

10 “Box” Jumps

5 Tire Flips

10 Dips

5 Tire Flips

10 Derkins

5 Tire Flips

10 Step Ups (10 each leg)

Tclaps to the PAX for completing the full circuit.

Gather @ shovel flags for:


OK GO provided the music for Mary. PAX on their 6. Went something like this:

6″ – 15 seconds

3 Pulsing Double Leg Lifts (7 seconds up then 7 seconds down)

3 Flutter Kick Leg Lifts

6″ – 15 seconds

20 6″ Single-Leg Crunches (each leg)

6″ – 15 seconds

10 Single-leg Raises (each leg)

1 Minute Plank

15 Pickle Pushers

15 Second Plank

*10 count breather*

30 Dying Cockroaches

50 Pulsators (feet together, 6″ to 12″ rapid-fire)

Amphibious kept YHC in check and called out 25 American Hammers to bring the beatdown to a full 45 minutes. Tclaps for having YHC’s back.


– From the “A Little Goes a Long Way” file: click HERE to support Butt Fumble’s Go Fund Me campaign for “Judy’s Chair.” Give what you can to pay it forward. At the very least, read Judy’s testimony; YHC guarantees you that it will put your daily struggles into perspective. Aye!

– Great to see Daphne in the gloom. You’re the reason YHC even stuck with this crazy F3 thing. #indebted

– YHC was glad to meet several new PAX

PAX: 08/16/16

QIC: avatar_box