Awesome work this morning!  12 Pax arrived for end of summer workout.

Thank you Butt Fumble for helping setup the blocks this morning.

Started off with (2) minutes of plank followed by flat back toe touches, then left foot over right and toe stretch, other sides, quad stretch both sides, hugs, followed by left arm stretch overhead and then right arm stretch overhead.

Time to get to work!

Three man teams – One at either end doing exercises and one runner between north and south ends (120 yards or so).  Once relieved running partner does exercise while partner that was performing exercise runs to other end to relieve other partner.  Exercises are done AMRAP until relieved by running partner.  Midway between the ends there are cones setup.  On relieved, Mosey to cones (60 yards) and then start sprint (60) to relieve partner.  So runner partner would mosey half of the distance and then sprint the last half.

North End

  1. Jack Webbs
  2. Tricep Extension
  3. Squats with Block
  4. Bench Press with Block
  5. Squat with Curls
  6. Straight Arm Lift
  7. Block Swing (like Kbell swing)
  8. Overhead Press
  9. Skull crusher (tricep) w/block
  10. One arm curls (switch half way)



South End

  1. Low Slow Flutter with block held overhead
  2. Hold block overhead
  3. Calf raises with block
  4. Sit up with Block
  5. One arm curls (switch arms in middle)
  6. X and 0 with block
  7. SSH while holding block (arms are in holding block)
  8. Plank on block
  9. Diamond Push Ups on block
  10. Clean and Press with block

Flapjack took us thru 6 minutes of Mary.  6 inches hold for 45 seconds, low dolly x 10 IC, high dolly x 10 IC, LBC x 20 IC and finally American Hammer x 25 IC (nice work).

COT by Snookie (New Site Q)


Snookie is the new Site Q for Shakeweight!  Awesome work taking the helm.  Passing the shovel flag next week (Snookie on motorcycle).  Q offered to strap it on with zip ties.  LOL!  Q has thoroughly enjoyed Shakeweight and is in good hands with Snookie.  Tclaps Snookie for stepping up and leading!  Thank you!

Streamer VQ at Cougartown this Saturday at 6:30 am

Natty’s Hump Slumlord on Q for Richard Simmons Revenge.  Going to be Awesome!

Butt Fumble is putting together a Go Fund Me drive for Judys Chair.  Email blast coming out shortly with details.  As Daphne mentioned if all Pax helped raise $100 we could get this fully funded in a week.  Let’s get this fully funded.




PAX: Wilson

QIC: 08/16/16