A total of 21 PAX answered the call and posted Cornwallis Nightmare on Saturday. With the introductory comments given and a welcome to an FNG, we went right to it.


Approx ¼ mile lap to the graveyard.


25 IC Side Straddle Hops

5 Burpees OYO

15 IC Windmills

15 Merkins

15 IC Sun Gods then reverse

5 Burpees OYO

10 Carolina Dry Docks

15 IC Imperial Walkers

5 Burpees OYO

The Pre-Thang

4 sprints between speed bumps in two groups if needed. (85-90-95-100%)

 Group mosey to Rec patio and playground


(pair Up – size does not matter)

5 Pull Ups                 |

10 Merkins               ≥            Partner Balls to the wall the flapjack X2

20 Jumping lunges   |

Groups mosey to ball field. Line up in two groups (size does not matter):

Carolina Dock Plank Man Tunnel Crawl x2

Next Elbow Plank to do jump over man ladder run x2

Pair Up One runs out to fence 10 Merkins and back. The other WWI Sit Ups-Flap Jack.

Next 20 Squats and Back. The other LBC- FlapJack.

Next 10 Burpees. The other Crunchy Frogs – FlapJack.

Next 15 Jump Squats. The other Marge Homer – FlapJack

Next 15 Double-wide Merkin. The other Superman.

Rinse and Repeat. Omaha at the middle

Next Indian Run to the flag. Long way


20 – 4ct. Box Cutters

20 – 4ct. Hello Dollys

20 – IC Low Slow Flutter

20 – 4ct. American Hammers


-Group stayed tight together and much mumble chatter at the Warmarrama.

-Snookie is truly priceless to the team. He brings in the smiles.

-The PAX worked very hard and really pushed to a gold medal performance.

-The FNG was very fit and kept up with the crowd. He said he stayed to head out to another workout, Whaaat?


BedBug: Thanks for prayers, His mom had successful surgery and cleared from cancer. She will get radiation and doing very well.

-Brought Awareness on new community project leaders and to get a service project started as well as check on recent email.

-Coffeeteria at Bruggers

COT Snookie lead us out

It was my honor to lead!


Stage Fright

PAX: Ozone, Time Out, Tighty Whitety, Drysdale, Houlihan, Hootie, Compound, Superb Spam, Apollo, Snookie, On Time, Buzz, FNG( WahHoo), Flamingo, Squid, Stretch, Xerox, Windmill, Bed Bug, MacGyver, Stage Fright (QIC)

QIC: Stage Fright