Emails are an important thing to read…more importantly remember and up date ones calendar. Such an event happened this past Saturday at Cougar Town when TPS mistakenly thought Thurmonator had the Q. Luckily, the site-Q was ready and TPS pulled out all the tricks from his Q sack to get through the 60 minute beat down. It went something like this…

half mile mosey around school hoping to pick up some late stragglers since Snooki and Tommy Boy both assured TPS they would be at Cougar Town. (SLAM).

WARMORAMA – SSH, SUNGODS, PARKER PETER, IST, HILLBILLY. moseyed to near by grassy knoll for CLOCK MERKINS x 10.

Continued mosey to track for DIPS and STEP UPS on BENCH.  Moseyed again to upper lot for Mike Tyson on the curb before moseying to BODETT HILL for some BURPEE/BEAR CRAWL/ CRABCAKE repeats x 3.

Continued mosey back to paint the lines in the upper lot before beginning the unwind. Reversed everything back to the beginning. HAZ MAT’s watch had 2.8 miles so we were short of the MATLOCK 5k mark set two weeks earlier.

MARY – LBC, TABLE PLANK (30 sec), crab cakes, dying cockroach, rosalita, american hammer to close it out.




QIC: 08/13/16