75 degrees and 98% humidity at 5:30AM may keep the FNG’s away, but not 20 of #Natville’s best and most faithful who joined YHC to prove Diamonds are not just a girls best friend. Brief disclaimer ensued with mention of Olympic events from night before (Men’s Gymnastic Floor Exercises) that may, or may not, have inspired this morning’s Thang. We were off on a mosey up Cridland towards Wendover when two PAX pulled in hot. A quick Capri turn/lap for Amphibious and we headed between the tennis courts to grab the Latham Greenway down to the gravel parking lot past the ball fields for a little:


SSH x 20 IC

Sungods ea. way sobriety style x 14 IC

Don Quixote x 20 IC

Peter Parkers x 20 IC

Plank Jacks x 20 IC

Copper Head Squats x 20 IC with a few isometric holds mixed in – Q OK, thanks for checking Quicken

Properly warmed up for the day’s activities, Q decided for a brief stop:

Railroad Tie Fence:

Irkins x 25

Dips x 25

Both on Q’s down count.

We then mosey’d back to the circle on Cridland for a quick count off into 2 groups and headed onto baseball Diamond #1.

The Thang

Instructions “under the lights” at the backstop:

Group 1 starts with First Base Line Exercises

At Home Plate: Burpees x 5 #dirty

Bear Crawl to 1st base for Handraise (or Hand Release if you prefer) Merkins x 10 #dusty

High Knee to right field fence for Mary Katherines x 20

A-Skip to center field fence for LBC’s x 40 #dewfeelsnice

Run back to home plate for a little R&R F3 Style (ie. Rinse & Repeat)

Group 2 starts with 3rd Base Line Exercises

At Home Plate: Burpees x 5 #dirty

Crab Walk to 3rd base for Diamond Merkins x 10

High Knee to left field fence for Alternating Lunges x 20 each leg

A-Skip to center field fence for Freddie Mercuries x 40 #dewfeelsnice

Run back to home plate for a little R&R F3 Style (ie. Rinse & Repeat)


A couple of the PAX noted Q’s phone seems to be ringing a lot early in the Gloom. YHC is not that popular, I promise. The ‘ole timer helps to keep us on track on cover all the “Bases” of today’s workout. After each group completed two rounds of their exercises plus 5 bonus Burpees at home plate, we took a quick break to visit I-Beam’s bath area and make sure all was still in working order.

Bath Area (OYO)

Derkins x 25

Dips x 25

Step-Ups x 25 (total)

Time’s up. Let’s head back to the diamond for round two. By the way, anyone know where all the #mumblechatter is this morning? PAX must have stayed up late to watch Team USA Beach Volleyball into the wee hours of the AM. Not even Quicken or Amphibious with chatter for YHC. #Strange!

Group 1 now takes on the 3rd Base Line Exercises and Group 2 moves to the 1st Base Line activities. Each group completes another 2 cycles through the diamond.

Bath Time! (OYO)

Derkins x 25

Dips x 25

Over to split rail fence around Cridland Circle for some:

Leg vaults x 5 #OlympicInspiration

Both hands on top rail of fence; “vault” feet over the fence and back for one rep. #Watchyourshins #Lookedgoodonpaper

Double Applesauce back to SF for the final push:


X & O x 20 on Q call

Superman/banana x who knows? #likedogsrollinginthegrass

Hip raises x 10 IC each side

American Hammer x 30 IC


Great to see Scooby Doo back in the Gloom! Welcome back brother. Glad you’re finally well.

As noted above, YHC was a bit taken off guard by the silent majority in attendance this morning. Hopefully the Q’s efforts played some role in the quiet and the PAX weren’t just bored.

Great work this AM men! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to lead. Although it sounds a bit like a broken record, I again emphasize the fact I count it an Honor and Pleasure to Q workouts with such great men.

COT: again the silence……after pregnant pause, YHC felt obliged to finish us out with appreciation for Grace, PAX who push hard, opportunity to impact our community!




QIC: 08/15/16