14 pax showed up ready to start their week strong. There were a few stragglers as we began our mosey, but then we started in the fun.


Slow mosey

SSH 20

Don Quixote 20

Mountain Climbers 20

Monkey Humpers 20

The Thang:

Slow mosey to the top of the hill in the parking lot behind the school.

Latter (Jump squat and burpees) 1 & 1, 2 & 2, 3 & 3, etc. to 10 & 10 and back down.

(Modification was welcomed for this latter. Some pax did regular squats and burpees and some did squats and push ups)

Planche until 6 is in.

During the latter there was a confused rooster heckling us as we began the latter. Some thought it was a baby. This sighting was never confirmed… so it was probably some mutant human baby rooster thing.

Mosey to the basket ball court

Sprint to half court (or equivalent)

Karaoke back

Sprint to half court

Butt kick back

Sprint to half court

Mosey Back

(Rest for 15 seconds)

Sprint Full length court

Rest for 15 seconds

Sprint Full length court

Rest for 15 seconds

We finished earlier than expected, but the PAX stepped up to do include their favorite exercises.

Blast-off Merkins 30

Low Slow Flutters 20

Crab Cake 30 going on 31 (until PAX complained)

Super Man (30 count)

Marge & Homer


American Hammer 20

LBCs 20

Mosey around the school


Convergence Monday, Laborday @ Latham Grinder probably 6:30am for about an hour and a half. I-Beam the Q…and “others”

Wednesday – Slumlord is the Q at Natty’s Hump “Sweet Richard’s Revenge.”

3rd F Wednesday at Tajmateeter

Slumlord took us out.

PAX: Pamela

QIC: 08/14/16