19 PAX met at the DASH this morning to make each other work harder and get better



20 IC X Hillbillies

On your back, left knee to left shoulder for 30 seconds (Quicken on the count)

On your back, right knee to right shoulder for 30 seconds (ButtFumble on the count)

Plank position, cross right leg over left to stretch out left calf (30 seconds)

Plank position, cross left leg over right to stretch out right calf (30 seconds)

20 IC X Windmills

Run up to the track


Run 100 yards up the track and do 25 MERKINS, Run the 100 yards back down the track and do 25 crunchy frogs.  DO THIS 5 TIMES


We ram down to the court on the backside of the school and Split up into three teams.  There are 3 stations, with 1 team at each station.

When finished with a station, rotate to next station

Station #1: Burpee Suicides: 1 Burpee at the baseline, 1 Burpee at Halfcourt, 1 Burpee at the baseline, 1 Burpee at Fullcourt, 5 Burpees at the baseline

Station #2: 25 X Merkins and 25 X Wojo Squats

Station #3: 25 X DIPS and 20 X Step ups (each leg)

The PAX got through 4 rotations at each station.

Woody led the PAX back around the school to the MARY site while YHC gathered up markers from Thang #1


20IC X Flutter Kicks

20IC X Crunchy Frogs

5 X Plank Extensions (10 Count)

25 x American Hammers


ButtFumble: Community Housing Solutions Service Project, September 17, Paint the town in Glenwood, meet at Grace Community on Westgate BLVD.  Be on the lookout for details

MINGLE, SENDEK and SLUMLORD are the chairs for the 2nd F

Rainbow Dash 7pm next saturday

3rd F next tuesday

Launching High Point at AJ Simmon Stadium in September on Tuesday, look for details

Chips is Q on Latham Grinder this week

Tommy Boy is Q at ARISE this week


It was great to see everyone pushing and encouraging each other today.


YHC took us out

Pleasure to lead guys.  Thank you for the opportunity




PAX: Woody, 3 for 1, ButtFumble, Jordache, Norwood, Ewok, Stinky Cheese, Maneater, Chips, Herme, Quicken, I-Beam, Big Mitt, Tommy Boy, Polar, Viagra, Sugarcake, Gunny

QIC: HushPuppy