It was an inspiring sight to see Everest & Matlock in the Lunatic Fringe AO lot in the pre-gloom hours when YHC sleepily rolled in. One lap in and a blur known as Pamela joined the fray with talk of meteor showers and a moth’s mistaken identity. Just as the four extra credit runners hit their stride, an onslaught of heckling was hurled from the gloom. Good morning, TPS.

Shortly thereafter, we knew Lunatic Fringe was happening no matter what so, after a retelling of the F3 mission, we took a short mosey 3/4 of the way around the parking lot. What followed was:


Monkey Humpers x 10 IC (yep, right outta the gate)

Gorilla Humpers x 10 IC (didn’t even buy the PAX flowers)

Hammy Scoops x 15 IC

Burpees x 5 OYO

String Rippers x 15 IC

Don Quixotes x 15 IC

PAX completed the final 1/4 of the mosey to be reunited with their weights and roll into a Tabata-inspired HIIT #BeatDown known as:

The Thang:

30 seconds of maximum AMRAP effort followed by 15 seconds of rest (felt like 5 seconds). Cycle #1 followed by Cycle #2. Rinse & repeat until PAX completed each cycle 3 times.

Cycle #1 :: The Meta-Conda

1. Kettlebell Swing

2. Blast-off Merkins

3. Kettlebell Squats

4. Shake the Baby (a la Shake Weights)

5. Mtn. Climbers

6. Hollow Body Hold (on your six with arms/legs extended; each 12″ off the ground)

Cycle #2 :: Doomsday

1. Squat Press

2. Release Merkins

3. Side Lunge Press

4. Complex Pull (2 x lawnmowers followed by 1 x curl)

5. Butterfly Sit-up

6. Road To Nowhere (run in place)

Upon completion, YHC saw we had a few extra minutes to kill. After a brief pow-wow with Matlock, it was “decided” that a lap of Fun-hundreds would be… well, fun.

Standing 10 count upon returning and then into:


Cue “Baba O’Riley”, AKA “Teenage Waistline”

Plank – 1 minute

Right arm up – 30 seconds

Left arm up – 30 seconds

Elbow Plank – 30 seconds

Right leg up – 30 seconds

Left leg up – 30 seconds

Table Plank – 30 seconds

Right leg out – 30 seconds

Left leg out – 30 seconds

American Hammers – 1 minute


TPS is calling for big numbers at Cougar Town @ Kernodle Middle :: 8/13 @ 630 – YHC says, “if you haven’t posted at this awesome AO yet, you’re missing out. PLUS, you beat the F3 rush at Bruegger’s Bagels.”

Convergence Workout @ Beason Park :: 8/13 @ 630 (90 Minutes) – Come celebrate the first 365 days of F3 in K-Vegas

Gotta paintbrush? AWESOME SERVICE OPPORTUNITY :: 9/17 – Community Housing Solutions “Paint the Town” will start at Grace Community Church at 643 West Gate City Boulevard from 8:00am-4:00pm. After you post, head over to Grace and be prepared to be humbled by the lives you touch with this project.

Slum Lord took us out; well done, brother!

It never ceases to amaze YHC how much more he gets out of the Natville PAX every time I am gifted the opportunity to lead. With gratitude,

Tommy Boy

PAX: Tommy Boy

QIC: 08/12/16