A thick Gloom under the lights of Country Park’s former Paradise yet again greeted the PAX upon arrival. August, 74 degrees, 98% humidity: you’re swampy by the time you exit your vehicle!

With the PAX also arrived dumbbells, kettle bells, bands, etc. Almost ready to go…

In preparing for today’s efforts, YHC happened to quickly review the Mission and Core Principles of F3 last night.  If you stop to ponder them for a moment, they may just encourage and enthuse you in a new light as much as they did for me:


Plant, grow, serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Core Principles:

Workouts are free, open to all men, outdoors – no matter the weather, peer led, end in COT.

That’s who we are and what we do men!

No FNG’s, so abbreviated disclaimer and time to go….

With some smooth jazz and elevator music from Lecrae, Judas Priest, Manafest, Kings of Leon, P.O.D., etc., QIC turned over the timekeeping to the lovely lady of the HIIT/Tabata app on iPhone. I hear she’s tough.  She was kind enough to open us with a few minutes of…


SSH (what else would I start with?) x 25 IC

Sungods x 15 IC (both directions)

IW x 25 IC (not both directions!)

I might have added one more on ye ‘ole mental weinke, but it’s a bit fuzzy now since the after effects of the Thang set in.

Our AI timekeeping QIC then transitioned us to…

The Thang

Five rounds of 6 exercises each.

Every exercise performed AMRAP for 45 seconds followed by 15 second break before next move. She is tough – don’t blink because those 15 seconds of rest fly by, and I think she slows the clock for the 45 second intervals. Sheesh!

Each round of six exercises followed by a welcomed 1 minute rest interval.

Exercises performed without weight noted below with “*”

Round 1


Lawnmowers – switch arms half way


Heavy Pants

Sphinx Merkins* #crowdpleaser #gravelelbows

Back Flys

Rest with Toy Soldiers x 14 IC

Rounds 2 & 4

Sumo Deadlift Shuffle

Overhead Press to Tricep Extension

Rotational Spider Jumps*

Row to Kickback Triceps

Mt. Climbers*

Golf Swing

Where’d all the mumble chatter go?

Rest OYO – but don’t stop moving

Round 3

Alternating Shoulder Press

In/Out Curls

Two Arm Tricep Kickback

Deep Swimmer Press

Full Supination Curls

Overhead Triceps Extension

Rest OYO – but don’t stop moving

Round 4 – see above

Rest OYO – but don’t stop moving

Round 5

Staggered Arm Merkins* –switch arms every 5 reps

Super Skaters* #WinterOlympic training – never too early

Cross Body Curls

Calf Raise Squats

Side Hip Raise*

Squat Runs


X & O’s – 20ish

LSF x 20 IC

American Hammer x 20 IC


Woody – Rainbow Dash – keep showing up, there will be Tweets and some may be called out personally!

Stage Fright – first Cornwallis Nightmare Q this Saturday – come support

Thursday 3rd F at Green Joes – join in.

Next Wednesday after HDHH – go to Bourne movie led by Butt Fumble because as J-Love noted the Suicide Squad movie sucks.

Join Tommy Boy for more HIIT/Tabata at Lunatic Fringe tomorrow AM.


T-Claps to Tommy Boy for inspiring the BB title: sounds like today’s festivities may have smoked at least one more PAX member besides YHC, aka QIC.

Count ‘em up above: that’s 30 cracks at each exercise for 45 seconds a pop. May not seem like a ton, but High Intensity Interval Training can really get the blood pumping and hopefully meet the demanding standards of the #Natville PAX.

Props to heavy hitters Woody and I believe Fletch too for first time visits to the Sweat Angel AO. Spread the good word and keep coming back. Maybe Woody has marketing budget $ leftover from #RainbowDash.

Welcome back Plato for day 2.  Keep coming back.  As they’ll tell you, it doesn’t get easier, you get better!

Hoser – way to go and push through even with back pain.

Who got the Counting Crows reference above?

What does F3 mean for me?

Leading men seeking and striving to better themselves #HIMs: always an honor! #Humbled

Learning more about the PAX – Squid: biking to work, significant lbs lost this year, usually working out on little sleep from 2nd shift. Brother, I cannot hold a candle to you! You are a true #AcceleratingMan! Triple T-claps!

COT: Stage Fright with encouraging words to Sky Q

Thank you all for showing up and spending a little time with YHC. As I usually say, you get what you pay for with my Q’s. Hopefully even more than that!




QIC: 08/11/16