On a beautiful Wednesday morning 31 of Greensboro’s best, and one FNG, heard the knock of the SlumLord.  Rent is due cried the Lord of Slum so pay up suckers.  It wasn’t rent money he was collecting though – he wanted to fill his PAIN purse, or was that a fanny pack?  You could tell the VQ was about to get serious.  Here’s how it went down in the hood:

Mosey: Butt Fumble led the pax on a gentle mosey to the entrance gate for some Warm-O-Rama

Scared of what about to happen 5 pax peeled off from the group aka the Splinter Group and went on a run…………..run……………….run……………….far………………far…………………away!


SSH x 25

Squats x 25

Lucky 7’s (7 Wide,7 Regular, & 7 Diamond Merkins)

Lunges x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Toy Soldier x 20

Plank Jacks x 25

Sun Gods x 10 forward then reverse

5 Burpees OYO

Reminded that BF wasn’t doing the Thang he handed over the pax to SlumLord

Mosey: Indian Run from gate to the Church parking Lot

The Thang: partner up

Exercise 1 – Partner Wheelbarrow: 10 steps/10 merkins rinse and repeat 5x

Exercise 2 – Lean To Lunges: Plank on partners shoulders upright while partner does alternating lunges 20x

Exercise 3 – Star Jumps 20x as a group

Exercise 4 – Inchworm/Dry Docks 10x as a group (Inchworm out to plank position then do a Merkin and back up for to end with a Drydock)

Exercise 5 – Set of the following as a group

Squats x10

10 Count Plank

Lunges x20

Rinse and repeat Excercise 1 – Partner Wheelbarrow: 5 steps/5 Merkins rinse and repeat 5x

Mosey: Indian Run back to shovel flag

Plank until 6 – Reverse Plank left leg up then right leg

CrabCakes x20


LBC’s x30

American Hammer x20

COT: Matlock

PAX: FNG Mike Wicker aka Plato, SlumLord, Jitterbug, Graffitti, Bourne, Stage Fright, Poehler, Spam, StrangeBrew, Nomad, SnowFlake, SirPur, CJ, Kicker, Thermanator, Hootie, LockJaw, Cecil, Heisenberg, Snookie, Norwood, Botox, Aleve, CrawDad, Rooster, BedBug, ButtFumble, Lynda, Yeti, Drizzle, Matlock, and Everest