Awesome job this morning!

On high humidity day, 9 Pax showed up in the Sauna (parking garage) for Spartacus Workout with weights.  Thank you for Flap Jack for bringing Sacked F3 weights.  Crab Legs grabbed the 40 and hit it up.  Nice work.

Day started out with intro to F3 and followed by 1 minute plank.  Then SSH x 20 IC for the 2 min warm up.

1 minute AMRAP followed by 15 second break.  10 exercises per revolution (3 revolutions total).  2 minute break between revolutions (Bed Beg took the 1st and 3rd and Crab Legs took the middle one).

Work out of the Day (WOD)

  1. Curls x 30 sec each arm
  2. Mountain Climber
  3. Tricep Extensions x 30 sec each arm
  4. Squat Jumps
  5. Bent Row x 30 sec each arm
  6. Low flutter kick
  7. Kettlebell/dumbbell situp
  8. Upright row
  9. Tbar Push up – alternating arms
  10. Overhead press

1st break – Awesome work Bedbug – Crunchy Frog x 20 IC followed by Marge Homer and 6 inches. 3rd break American Hammer x 25 IC and then Cindy Crawfords x 10 IC on each side

2nd break by Crab Legs – Margertidi (plank on elbows and then lift up with arms – also known as Beavers favorite) followed by side plank lifts each side.  Nice work!

COT by Huffy


Coffee at Caribou after workout

PAX: Wilson

QIC: 08/09/16