16 PAX finished ARISE this morning – most of us battled gravity in the parking deck, and a few extras came in via foot power to finish strong with Mary and help set up tables & chairs for the service project immediately thereafter.  Guerilla marketing tactics do work as we witnessed last week at Rainbow Dash & today at ARISE.   Tclaps to Amphibious and all who “marketed” this new AO, more importantly, the PAX who got out of the fartsack to take their DRP and make a difference offering help afterwards to a Church who is supporting the community.  As ChiP’s said in the announcements, if you regulary support an AO that has 20+, try another one that is not as established, it’s not about detracting from existing AO’s, moreover, GROWING those that need support.

Warm-a-rama (AKA stall to see if Matlock’s coming in hot)

About a 3 minute plank, mixing in R over L leg & L over Right leg for a good calf stretch with 10X Merkins ea.  A couple of 6″ holds with ten counts, downward dog, recover.


Mosey toward baseball field where we found a wall and banged out 20 quick Derkins, followed by 10 Dips. Continue to Bellemeade Parking deck – ironically, on the way, we found a familiar looking vehicle and decided to check it out.  Was Marlock in there?  No, but a bunch of 1 gallon water jugs were (GSO municipal finest H2O) and we decided to borrow them JIC we got thirsty (2/man). Proceed to the deck & make the 8 story climb up the stairs, plank for the 6 and resume with (20) Cusack Squats with both coupons held overhead.  Exit & decend the deck the same way we came up, only to realize that we really needed to be back at the top for another exercise.  So, we went back up the stairs again and preformed (10) Lt. Dan’s, with both jugs in tow, of course…With 16 stories behind us hauling up 16+ lbs., we tackled the rest of the parking deck and went to the opposite side of the deck to beat down the spiral.  Drop one jug on the deck and take the other up to the top where we banged out 20+ LSF while holding jug overhead.  Rest period was our run down the spiral, and once we reached the bottom, it was time to go back up to the top for (20) front shoulder raises. It was sad to be forced to leave the deck but with 6MOM & set up looming, we planked & SSH for the 6 at the bottom, then returned to GUMC.


LSF (20) no rest, into low dolley (20), no rest into, Homer to Marge.

Finshed with (25) AMERICAN hammers.


Airse needs Q’s. Other AO’s need Q’s.  If you have been involved with F3 for a period of time and haven’t Q’d, please step up do so.  ANY veteran PAX would GLADLY Co-Q to help with the transition.

THANK YOU for hearing the call and supporting this AO.  What took 3 PAX probably 30 minutes last week to set up afterward, took us less than 5 today. There is STRENGTH in numbers, #ISI.

COT – YHC took us out in a BOM.

PAX: CHiPs, Hackman, Fletch, Cummings, Cheesy Poof, Cornhole, Kicker, Phoenix, Co-Pay, Cavity, Amphibious, Graffiti, Refi, Hush Puppy, Nancy, JR