32 PAX including QIC got to choose their own destiny.  A “power” workout with Jordache, or a leisurely run with I-Beam.  PAX split pretty evenly and here is what went down.


– Warm O Rama

– Merkin blocks – just like Burpee blocks, but instead do merkins.  PAX ran around the News & Record block and did 5, 10, 15, 20, 15, 10, 5 merkins while heading around the block 4 times.

Overall distance on the workout was roughly a 5K.  Nice job gents.

Team Jordache (i.e., those who wanted to get some exercise) ran to the far side of the Wrangler building for warmup:

Start with some stretches.  Put feet wide apart and touch the ground with your hands.

  • Touch left foot.
  • Touch center.
  • Touch right foot.
  • Side Straddle Hop x25
  • Sun gods x15 each way
  • High knees Circle Burp (PAX does high knees and when Q yells “down” they do a burpee and resume high knees)

Moseyed to the other side of the Wrangler building parking lot for the thang.


The thang was an iron cross/four corners hybrid spread out across the parking lot.  Do first exercise at station 1, run to center.  At center, do 3 burpees and bear crawl to station 2.  Do first exercise at station 2.  Run back to center, do 3 burpees, and bear crawl to station 3.  Repeat the cycle, working your way down the list of exercises.  Q had to call Omaha on the bear crawls after about a half a circuit.  It was a bit excessive….

Station 1:

  1. Merkins x20
  2. Carolina Dry Docks x20
  3. Diamond Merkins x20

Station 2:

  1. Goblet Squats x20
  2. Dans x 10
  3. Field Goal Blocks x10

Station 3:

  1. Merkins x20
  2. Carolina Dry Docks x20
  3. Wide Merkins x20

Station 4:

  1. Copperhead Squats x20
  2. Monkey Humpers x20
  3. Air Squared x20

The Pax made it somewhere between 1.5-2 times through all exercises before time was called and we tried to form an Indian Run back toward the shovel flag.

The Indian Run turned into a jailbreak on Church Street, and we took a sharp right turn at the Church Street Parking Deck and took the stairs up to the top level where we met up with Team I-Beam for some Mary.


  • LBCs
  • Protractor
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps x20
  • (what did you do next?)
  • American Hammer x20


  • Go to Rainbow Dash tomorrow. WE WILL NOT LET IT DIE.  It’s a great AO.
  • Today is burpee challenge day 68. You runner had better catch up.
  • Service project tomorrow at Brooks Global. Setting up a wall there for the school.  Bring your Ms and 2.0s.

I-Beam took us out.

PAX: Jordache & I-Beam

QIC: 08/05/2016