It was my 2nd week of F3 when I attended my first Circle Time.  Gilligan was QIC and I thought it was extremely tough.  Therefore I figured for my first time as QIC at Circle Time I would take his workout and modify ever so slightly as an ode to a memorable beatdown.  Thanks Gilligan for making a workout tough enough that I remember it 7 months later.

We had 12 guys including 1 FNG (Bedpan) ready to roll when we heard tires screeching and an engine revving.  Even before we saw the car TPS said, “Is that Amphibious?”  Sure enough the truck comes screaming around the corner.  Poor Hackman had already splashed merlot just from the ride in, and graciously asked for a ride home from someone else.  We ended up with 14 guys who decided to fight back the fartsack urge on a rainy Monday morning.

Either way after a full disclosure we mosey down to the other side of the lot for a warm a rama that went like this.

Warm a Rama

  1. SSH x 20 in cadence
  2. Sun Gods x 15 each direction
  3. Copperhead Squats x 20
  4. Moroccan Nighclubs x 20


Partner up, size does not matter. The Q had 10 stations with coupons and exercises to accommodate 10 groups or 20 pax.

One partner takes a lap around parking lot while the other performs the exercise, then flip flop. When both have run and done the exercise once, plank up and wait for all groups to finish before rotating.


  1. Kettle bell Thrusters w 35lb kbell
  2. Crunchy Frogs
  3. Overhead Dumbell press w 20 lb dbells
  4. Boxed Foot Burpees
  5. Over head slam w 20 lb slam ball
  6. Kettle Bell Swing w 30 lb Kbell
  7. Hold ball over Head w 20 lb slam ball
  8. Mountain Climber
  9. Marge Homers
  10. Overhead ball toss w 20 lb slam ball

Merry: (A little surprised on the mumble chatter received that we didn’t go under the breezeway since it was raining…come on boys, buckle up.)

Mosey half way back for:

  1. LBC’s x 20 in cadence
  2. Hold Feet in Homer position x 60 seconds

Mosey to shovel flag for:

  1. Monkey Humpers  x 20 – Via Amphibious
  2. American Hammers x 20 – Via TPS

I hope all were challenged.  I was, and I enjoyed leading you guys to start off the week.  SYITG.

Boone’s Farm




PAX: Boone’s Farm

QIC: 08/08/16