8 months ago I joined F3 Greensboro, and I was named Stage Fright. Since then I have posted 4 days a week and built a trust hanging out with the men at Circle time on Mondays in the gloom. I went to a few of the coffeeterias. Then I began to notice the service project opportunities that popped up from time and again. I thought this is really cool, men standing up and stepping up. Two weeks ago Matlock called out the men of Circle Time to step up to the line and serve our community. My wife and I serve our daughter and son’s school, Brooks Global Studies Elementary as part of the ground beautification committee. We agreed that we had the right project that needed a lot of hands on deck. Otherwise, I was doing it alone.

I was so inspired and encouraged when the men responded in moments to serve to build two retaining walls for our school. On the Twitter feed, I had a total of 5 HC on Friday. On Saturday, we had 15 men show up to work!  We started by digging the trench.  Leveling was a fun subject, as well as the 4 to 6 inches depth discussion. Buck was our chiseler as we continued to get those bricks to fit. JR provided an awesome egg and sausage egg mix right in the playground. Mattlock brought coffee, and the PTA of the school provided drinks and doughnuts. By the 4 hour mark, we had 2 retaining walls finished, and we even cleaned up a pallet of bricks with a burpee chain!

The PTA president, school principal and several parents were at the site during the day. We had 2 FNG’s, one of which HC to getting together with us on Monday. Their expressions were of awe and gratefulness. They were so impressed and thankful for all hard work and sacrifice we offered the school and students who will begin to arrive on August 9. We ended with a Circle of Trust will all the PAX, family and FNGs.

I am so proud to be a part of this team. The mission of F3 includes the invigoration of male community leadership. Today, this was fulfilled. Men hang out with men. Leaders hang out with leaders. Get invigorated and become the leader God made you to be. Get a service project underway, and see the miracle when men band together and become the leaders that every community needs.


Stage Fright

PAX: 08/06/2016

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