After continued EHing from TPS to post at Cougar Town, somehow YHC got on the Q list and was told Tuesday that this Saturday was my week. OK, let’s get after it! Other site Q’s take notice – this Eh method works!  And with the Rio Olympic Games just underway, today’s theme was a no brainer!

Despite massive EH shaming from the My Little Pony workout across town, 6 Natville Olympic hopefuls arrived at the Faculty Parking Lot eager to compete and, at the same time, wondering what sort of #downpainment YHC had planned.  After all, you can’t possibly pre-blast an Olympic worthy workout without inflicting pain & suffering!

With a strong handful of veteran PAX members, there was no reason to spend much time on F3’s purpose and disclaimer.  Wait, what is that four foot pole with the heavy, flat 8X8 head on the end???

Since you can’t begin the Olympics without a torch run, that’s how we started – a torch pass Indian run with the 10 lb landscape tamper. Run 0.5 miles from faculty parking lot through the bus lot, behind the school, to the dumpster parking area. Note to future Qs – storing your Weinke in your shoe does not work. Oh well, your Q was well prepared!

Opening Ceremony (aka Warm-O-Rama)

  • Side Straddle Hop X 25 (IC)
  • Imperial Walker X 20 (IC)
  • Sun Gods a la Rio X 15 (IC) – forward & reverse
  • Lucky 7s – 7 merkins, 7 wide merkins, 7 diamond merkins  (single count IC) –
  • Hillbillies X 20 (IC)

Mosey over to YHCs car to pick up a surprise – Drago’s medicine balls! Grab one and mosey up the hill to the track.


YHC dove deep into the F3 Exicon to find a Thang load of mostly Olympic(ish) track and field exercises. The majority of these were new to Natville.

  1. Chilly Broad Jumps –  Pax in Chilcut plank position about 4 feet apart along track straightaway. Pax members broad jump over Pax members and plank at the end of the line – continue for about 60 yards & recover
  2. Burpee Mile – 12 burpees & run a lap x 4 (totals: 48 burpees & 1 mile run) #crowdpleaser (You can’t have Olympics without the mile run!)
  3. Snapshot (set 1) – line up between cones with medicine ball. Squat with ball and the shot put ball as far as possible as you stand. Broad jump and lunge walk to ball and repeato for 50ish yards to the next set of cones.
  4. Whamo Lunge Walk – Throw frisbee, PAX sprints toward frisbee while disc is in the air. Once frisbee lands, Pax stop running and lunge walk the rest of the way to the frisbee.  Each pax member took turn throwing disc. #wetshoesmuddylegs
  5. Snapshot (set 2) – Repeato beginning at midfield cones, but this time throwing the ball backward over your head as you stand from squat. Continue 50ish yards to far set of cones. #noiinjuries
  6. 6 X 100m relay – Using a medicine ball as a baton, pax spread out around track and ran approximately 100m passing med ball to next runner. 2 laps completed (sort of). Would have worked better with 4 X 100, but you adapt to the pax!
  7. Mosey with med balls from track back to dumpster area for some Olympic Weightlifting (all with med balls)
    • Good mornings X 10
    • Clean & Press X 10
    • Squats X 10

Leave med balls by YHC’s car and mosey back to faculty lot for…

Closing Ceremony (aka Mary)

  • Freddie Mercury X 25 (IC) – gotta have your dose of cycling in our Olympics
  • American Hammer X 20 (iC) – because this is how we finish & because USA will dominate in Rio

COT/Naked Man Moleskin/Announcements:

  • Great work by all today!  The Burpee Mile was not fun & didn’t even look good on paper.
  • Welcome back to your AO TPS, after four weeks of summer vacation. While I think the earlier 6:30 time is problematic for some, there is a lot of terrain to cover – I expect numbers to pick up, but you’ll likely need to employ some of Woody’s guerrilla marketing!
  • Hoser, way to push, brother – you represent Greensboro Fire well!  Perhaps some of us need to go to your station with you to help put the EH on some of your coworkers.  Since it is just up the street from Kernodle, perhaps a future Warm-O-Rama or Mary in the main driveway? That would be awesome!
  • Streamer, I didn’t realize you drive over from Jamestown.  TClaps for your dedication to this workout.  Sorry about the cannonball water, mud and goosepoop sprayer. #hazardsofawetfield
  • Bed Bug & Ozone, you guys always bring it, although the excessive running sucked the mumblechatter out of Bed Bug.  #neededSnookie


  • Coffeeteria following workout at Brueggers on Battleground
  • Circle Time service project building a retaining wall at Brooks Global School. Meet at school right after 7 am workouts – approximately 8:15 am.  Stage Fright is site Q
  • CSAUP Spartan Race, Wintergreen Resort, September 24.  TPS is site Q – so far TPS, DOS and 3-for-1 are signed up. Need more! Talk to TPS about signing up under F3 Greensboro team. More details:
  • TPS asked all to consider adopting his 5-2-1 philosophy each week. Five workouts, 2 2nd Fs and 1 3rd F to really dig into all aspects of F3. He’s doing it and is really enjoying it.

TPS prayed us out.

As always, it was an honor and a privilage to lead today.  Thanks for the opportunity TPS!


PAX: Wojo

QIC: 08/06/16