I must admit, there is just something different, maybe special about doing a workout in the pouring rain with 20 other gentlemen.  I consider myself blessed to have had the chance to lead such an exemplary group of guys today.  NOTE TO SELF:  Cell phones and Bluetooth speakers don’t necessarily do well in the rain.

Even though the broken footed Brown Noser and I arrived early, it was encouraging to see Tommy Boy and Everest already getting in a little pre workout extra credit.  Kudos boys.  Special thanks to Defib and Flapjack for attending as they introduced me to this life changing group 9 months ago.

My goal today was to offer up a variety of ways to get a workout.  Running was an option or a tough circuit of curb work was also available.  Let’s face it, when you have guys showing up with broken feet and surgically replaced knees, you gotta give em something to do.  Therefore, we gathered in the far southern corner of the parking lot near the curb island to get things started.

Warm O Rama:

  • SSH x 20 in cadence
  • Sun Gods x 15 each direction in cadence
  • String Rippers x 20 in cadence
  • Bends and Things


Partner Up – Size doesn’t matter.  A classic rendition.  Partner 1 does weight work while Partner 2 runs a lap.  FLAPJACK  If running isn’t your deal, Partner 2 does curb work listed below.  FLAPJACK

Partner 1 – Weight Work:

  1. Curls
  2. Goblet Squats with Weights
  3. T-Bar Merkins
  4. Tricep Extensions
  5. Lunge & Twist with Weights
  6. Clean & Press
  7. Rinse and Repeat

Partner 2 – Runs lap or does the following Curb Work:

  1. Plank Up Downs around island
  2. Alternate Feet Up Downs around island x 2
  3. Drop Down Merkins around island
  4. Jump Up Downs around island x 2
  5. Bear Crawl Around Island
  6. Backwards Up Downs around island x 2
  7. Rinse and Repeat


  • LBC’s x 20
  • Marge Homers x who knows I was gassed.
  • 10 second count (Snookie) – Nice shot at the Q by CJ saying he was falling asleep.  I was too, just involuntarily.  I think there is another name for it.
  • Pickle Pushers (Thanks Tommy Boy)
  • American Hammers (Thanks Matlock)


  • Circle Time Service Project tomorrow 8 am and Brooks Global after workouts – Retaining wall.  See Stage Fright or Matlock for details.
  • 3rd F at Panera – Red Sea Rules – Jitterbug QIC
  • 2 2nd F Opportunities – Yeti Coffeteria at Starbucks (sans Yeti again) and Lunch at Moes, Noon Today – Battleground location.  Advice, it is always better to eat Moe’s after a workout instead of before.
  • Cougar Town needs Q’s – don’t try to get in your car without agreeing to take a spot.
  • Prayer request for Lilly Hicks – Already struggling with cancer treatment, now found asbestos in her house.
  • Chuck Kubler, passed away swimming in Wrightsville Beach, please pray for family and potential for Snookie to travel to funeral.
  • Great reminder from TPS to take it seriously when you feel hurt to make sure you don’t make it worse.  Also, if you do get hurt, let the PAX know so we can add you to our prayer list and help out while you are down.
  • Brown Noser needs our help – Dream on 3 – Helps sick kids with sports wishes.  Doing a fundraiser in Kernersville on October 1st.  We would like to out rank the cross fit people, even though it is being held at a cross fit location.  More info to come soon on potential convergence on Aug 26th and teaming up for a great cause.

YHC took us out.  I can’t think the group enough for showing up today.  It was a true honor.

Boone’s Farm

PAX: Tommy Boy, Poehler, TPS, JR, Schnitzel, Defib, Bodett, Cornhole, Aleve, Bourne, Nomad, Snookie, Brown Noser, Jitterbug, 3for1, CJ, Matlock, Everest, Virus, Flapjack, Boone’s Farm -QIC

QIC: 08/05/16