2 FNG’s with one hailing from Austin, TX and a total of 33 PAX met Wednesday morning to help make each other stronger

Warm a Rama

20 IC x SSH

20 IC x Hillbillys

On the back, Knee to chest stretch left side 30 second hold

On the back, knee to chest stretch right side 30 second hold

Plank position calf and achilles stretch of 30 seconds per leg

After finishing up, warm a rama, the PAX headed out over the small bridge, past the wind chimes and over to the large parking area.


Run from the bottom of the lot to the top of the lot, DO 20 MERKINS, Run back down to the bottom of the lot and  DO 25 CRUNCHY FROGS X 5 ROUNDS


After finishing the 5th round, we ran back to the basketball courts and counted off into 3 teams and each team went to a different station and rotated through 3 times

Station #1 – Suicides on the basketball court with burpees.  Run to the middle of the court, DO 1 Burpee, Run back to the baselind, DO 1 Burpee, Run to the opposite baseline, DO 1 Burpee and then  finish by running the length of the court and finishing with 5 burpees

Station #2 – 20 x DIPS and 20 Step Ups/each leg

Station #3 – 25 x Merkins and 25 x Wojo Squats


20 IC x Low slow flutters with Low Dollys mixed in

5 x Extended hand plank with 20 counts by the PAX

25 x American Hammer


Encouragement from Amphibious to get out to other AO’s that are struggling.  Get out of your comfort zone.

Encouragement from DeFib to embrace the culture we have in Greensboro and be thankful by EH’ing more folks

Brown Bark Benefit 5k, August 27th

Stampede thursday with Refi on the Q


HP took us out

Thank you to @Explosion for encouraging me to come out and lead.  It was a lot of fun and an honor.



PAX: Hushpuppy

QIC: 8/3/2016