19 Early PAX Risers showed up at the Fringe -with 2 Jr FNG’s courtesy Huffy and Virus-who’s back but on ltd. duty- for some GSO Day School fun!  The Q got a bit more creative than he probably should have for his first lead, but God put it on my heart to do it that way, and honor a man that I’ve been working out with via his VHS training tape since about 2000!  As the weakness started leaving the bodies, the pain started to kick in with a…

Warm-O-Rama: 20 Knee Ups, 20 Wind Mills, 20 Side Stradle Squats, and 20 leg kicks

After rallying the early mosiers back to the circle I was able to demonstrate the other Helvenston/SEAL team excercises before we split up into teams of 2, and 2 groups for a track and field workout.

The THANG!  2 groups out to the Track after a brief mosey to the ends.  One at the Field house and the other at the opposite end of the field on the track with weights.  The four stations were at the Field House, 1/4 Mosey around the track to the bleachers, 5 Burpees, 1/4 round to the Opposite End, 1/4 round to the fence and 10 Merkins, Mosey back to the field house, the goal was 4 trips through the 4 stations.

Field House 4 sets of 2 exercises: 20 Bent Over Rows and 20 Windmills, 20 Shoulder Presses and 20 High Jack High Jills, 20 Upright Rows and 20 Dips, 20 Bench Presses and 20 Wojo/Bobby Hurley’s

Opposite End of Field: 4 Sets of 2 exercises per trip: 10 Curls per arm and 20 Pump Rotations, 20 Tricep Presses and 20 Press Press Flings, 20 Standing Flys and 20 Up back and overs, 20 & 20 of your favorite from above.

The Omaha was called and all moseyed back to the circle for a cool Mary, which consisted of:

20 Knee Pushes, 20 Leg Lifts, 20 Flutter Kicks, 20 Squats w. a Sun God -Choice of the Site Q, Boonsfarm!-, 20 Squats, and the Amazing Boat Show took us out with 25 American Hammers!

Virus expressed thanks to the PAX for all the support during his recovery from knee surgery.  Heisenberg’s looking for a sales position.

Thanks to Hushpuppy for taking us out!



PAX: Bodet, Bull Dog, Dueling Banjos, Heisenberg, Hushpuppy, Nomad, Sacked, Bourne, Pumba, War Damn Eagle, Avacado, Boat Show, Squid, Slum Lord, Pamela, Taylor Johnson-Son of Huffy-FNG(Cavalier), Huffy, Boonsfarm, Longtime, Virus, Drew Maury -Son of Virus- FNG (NANO), Jitterbug

QIC: Jitterbug