Sent on behalf of Refi.

17 Pax enjoyed the cooler morning with their F3 brothers for about 3.5 miles of distance.  #Tclaps to I-Beam and Wide Left for coming to the “other side of town” to experience the Stampede for the first time.  Great to have you guys out, hope you enjoyed the workout.  It went a lil’ something like this.

Warm o rama

20 SSH

15 Don Quixotes

10 Toy Soldiers


Mosey almost 1 mile around Lindley Park

15 minute tempo up and down Homewood Ave, Edgewater to Madison (Nancy claims he was shorted 45 secs).  Pax completed 3 up and downs prior to completion.

Mosey back to baseball parking lot for  4 “old” fashioned wind sprints (as opposed to new fashioned)

Mosey to Basketball court and shovel flag for some Mary.


25 Lbcs

15 Cindy Crawfords- each side

Downward facing dog stretch

20 American Hammers


Hazmat- prayer requests- father in law is in Hospice care

Soulcrusher- Sundays

Miles for matthew- October 8th

This Saturday- Brooks global service opportunity- build a retaining wall.  After 7am workout- so 8:30 ish

Tuesdays- Arise- good slate of Qs lined up. Show up.  Separate Q each week has the service piece.  Q for workout just needs to focus on the beat down and then help service Q with tables and chairs.

Matlock took us out.

PAX: Lynda, Cummings, CheesyPoof, Wojo, CJ, I-beam, Nancy, Mistrial, Phoenix, Amphibious, Girth, Recess, Stinky Cheese, Hazmat, Matlock, WideLeft, Refi

QIC: Refi