11 PAX came out to get better this morning.  The rumors are true, YHC ate a Sheetz burrito at Midnight prior to Q’ing the Stampede.  It inspired the Fartlek workout, for more reasons than one. Good work by all, we did get better.


SSH x 25

Sun God x 15 (Each way)

Windmill x 20

Hillbilly x 15

The Thang

Hill repeats were called.  Race pace up the hill and recovery mosey coming down.  Once at the bottom of each leg, plank for the #6 and move on to the next street.  Here is a map of how it went down.

Head North on Knollwood at race pace until we reach Madison Ave. where we turn around and run South on Knollwood at recovery run pace until we hit Starmount.

Once at Starmount we continue at recovery pace and head East to Wedgedale Ave. Rinse and repeat Knollwood routine for Wedgedale, Brentwood, Forestdale and Beverly.  Mosey back to shovel flag once last leg is complete and the #6 is in.


American hammer x 25

Cindy crawford x 15 (each side)

LBC X 20

LSF x 20


3rd F lunch at Pollo Pizza and Pasta on Hwy 68, led by Udders.

Sole crusher is being led by Tebow this week.

Honor to lead!

~Cheesy Poof

PAX: LYnda, Sir Charles, Streamer, Footloose, Wojo, UGA, Boatshow, Nancy, Phoenix, Tebow, Cheesy Poof

QIC: Cheesy Poof