17 PAX felt the urge to get out and run this morning.  YHC did not disappoint as we covered 5K of distance as a group, running 1/4 mile intervals through Starmount Farms and Wedgewood neighborhoods.  Here is how the beatdown went down.

Leg 1

Corner of Starmount Dr. and Beverly Pl. north to corner of Beverly Pl. and Madison Ave.

Leg 2

Corner of Beverly and Madison Ave. west to corner of Madison Ave. and Wedgedale Ave.

*Recovery run north on Wedgedale Ave. to Kirby Dr.

Leg 3

Corner of Kirby Dr. and Wedgedale Ave. east to the corner of Kirby Dr. and Beverly Pl.

* Recovery run north on Beverly Pl. to Dogwood

Leg 4

Corner of Dogwood Dr. and Beverly Pl. west to corner of Dogwood Dr. and Wedgedale Ave.

* Recovery run north on Wedgedale Ave. to Wedgedale Pl.

Leg 5

Corner of Wedgedale Ave. and Wedgedale Pl. east to corner of Hobbs Rd. and Beverly Pl.

* Recovery run south on Beverly Pl. to Starmount Dr.

Mosey back to shovel flag.



American hammer x 25

Low slow flutter x 20

Cindy Crawford x 16 (Each Side)

LBC x 25



Sole crusher continues on the trail run routine this Sunday, all are welcome.

Keep Tebow in mind as he recovers from 2 broken arms.  Keep your head up buddy, hope to see you out soon.

Continue to be aware of AO’s that are light in attendance and please spread out over all AO’s.

Explosion took us out.

Priviledge to lead!

~Cheesy Poof


PAX: Cheesy Poof

QIC: 7-28-2016