31 pax gathered for YHC’s return to the Q saddle at this morning’s rendition of Natty’s Hump. The re-telling unfolds below.

Mosey from shovel flag to Safety Town for…




Sun Gods X15F / X15R IC

Windmill X20 IC

Mosey from Safety Town to Grim Reaper Rd for…

The Thang

Part Un

Line up for Jacob’s Ladder.  This one goes to 11.

Merkins and Goblet squats between the speed bumps on Grim Reaper Rd

Mosey from Grim Reaper Rd to Lewis Rec Center for…

Part Deux

Manwork at 4 pain stations

1 – Low Wall         Bulgarian Split Lunge X5 each leg

2 – Playground     Pullups X10

3 – Bleachers       Dips X20

4 – Front Lawn     Burpees X5

Rinse & repeato until time is called, then

Mosey towards shovelflag for…

Part Trois

Line up in two single file lines for Carolina Choo-Choo relay, down the hill and back up.

Mosey down, AYG back.


As pax completed their sprints, they transitioned to impromptu Mary Q’d by Butt Fumble and J-Love.


  • Welcome Mullet (FNG James Pate) from the SC Low Country!  #Tclaps J-Love for the EH.
  • #Tclaps Chips for expanding our exercise lexicon.  “Bulgarian Split Lunge” is much more impressive than YHC’s unlearned description of the exercise.
  • #Tclaps Butt Fumble and J-Love for helping lead Mary as the pax rolled in from their sprints.
  • YHC notes the noteworthy below:
    1. Slum Lord finds a friend. XOXO.
    2. Bodette continues to bewilder the pax with his wheels. Why isn’t this guy on a BRR team?
    3. Heisenberg demonstrates it is indeed possible to grow stronger with age. Diet? Exercise? Nugenics? Reveal your secrets War Daddy!


  • Prayers & positive vibes for Tommy Boy as he works to secure a major sponsor later this morning.
  • If you’ve been attending workouts for a while, but have not taken the initiative to step up and Q, now is the time to pry your lips from the teat.  Your help is needed, and there are many brothers willing to Co-Q with you.
  • Also, if you haven’t taken the time to try out one of the newer AOs, DO SO.  31 pax makes for a crowd.  #problematic #ABD  #Tclaps Chips – the self proclaimed lowest common denominator – for bringing this to our attention.
  • Saturday, 8/6 – Bike & Run Nomad Workout, Wicked on the Q (Proceed with caution).  Gather at Country Park?  See Matlock for more info
  • Saturday, 8/6 – Circle Time pax have organized a service project at Brooks Global Elementary.  Work will include building a retaining wall.  Come out after your Saturday morning coffeeteria.  This is a family-friendly event, so bring along your M and 2.0s.  Seven (7) pax have committed and it would be nice to have at least 10.
  • #Tclaps to Sendek, Slum Lord, and Mingle for taking the reigns from Butt Fumble and providing leadership of our service projects.  This work is an important part of demonstrating the re-invigoration of male leadership in our community.  #Tclaps Butt Fumble for your leadership to nurture this initiative and keep F3 Greensboro properly focused on serving others.  Aye!
  • So you’ve decided you want to be more outgoing. But there’s a problem: You just don’t like socializing most of the time do you?  Stinky Cheese can help.  He is looking to transition his F3 GSO responsibilities for leading our 2nd F activities to someone in the near future.  For over a year, he’s done one hell of a job organizing a number of fun outings for the pax.  If you’re interested in helping lead the 2nd F, please contact Stinky Cheese directly.
  • 3rdF at Panera following workout, Continued discussion of Freed to Lead, Q = Heisenberg
  • Additional Freed to Lead 3rd F gathering at H-T Starbucks.
  • HDHH at Taproom this afternoon, 5:30pm or whenever J-Love gets there.  #Daphneistravelling

Slum Lord took us out.

#Tclaps Hootie for the Q-vite.  Always an honor and a privilege.



PAX: 301

QIC: Wojo, Bodett, Snowflake, Polar, Polo, Boones Farm, Spam, Tommy Boy, Nomad, Blue Oyster, Slum Lord, Swayzee, Hootie, Rudy, Thermonator, Stinky Cheese, Heisenberg, Chips, Pine Tar, Ozone, Norwood, Matlock, Bourne, Butt Fumble, Wilson, Yeti, Udders, Hazmat, Mullet (FNG James Pate), Kilowatt (QIC)