After an introduction and brief F3 disclaimer (only well-seasoned PAX this morning) we moseyed to Grace Church (site of Arise) for some warm-o-rama. No service opportunities today…


SSH IC x 20

Sungods 15 forwards/15 reverse, Chinooks x15, Moroccan Night Clubs x 15 IC with no recovery until the end.

5 Burpees OYO

Mt Climbers x 20 IC

Up Down Burpees = PAX chop their feet and when YHC called down, PAX performed a burpee and then continued chopping feet. 10 Burpees completed

Then we continued mosey over to Greensboro College. There was some mumble chatter about this being a new running AO/workout. At the top of steps off W. Market St, YHC gave the cadence for today:

The Thang:

YHC did bring some Jams to keep spirits up during the beatdown (I mean the Thang). Tunes definitely helped!

Partnered Up (size did not matter, speed and manliness did).

1 partner exercised, while the other ran up to the Administrative building, did 2 burpees and returned to relieve partner. Team completed total number of reps, then moved on to the next exercise.


“BLOCKS” workout:

Burpees = 70

Lunges = 80

Overhead claps = 100

Crunchy Frogs = 110

Knerkins = 120

Squats = 130

Some teams completed all exercises (I think) while others were close. Great work! The mosey back to Local Honey was a good one…tunes stayed playing. Just needed some Eye of the Tiger…that would’ve helped.


LBCs x 25

Dying Cockroaches x 25

Finished with some American Hammer utilizing all PAX in attendance. Each PAX counted 5 reps in cadence (8 pax x 5 reps = 40)!!! Everyone did a great job continuing the cadence!


– T-claps for I-beam being out in the gloom after an “injury”

– Seems Mayor missed seeing Crab Legs as he usually is a regular at Local Honey

– Jordache on the Q at Uptown Funk (needs Co-Q)

– Saturday 7 am Rainbow Dash (Mendenhall in New Irving Park) be there! Woody on the Q

Woody took us out.

Great Work men! Enjoyed seeing everyone get out of the fartsack and push themselves to get better. As always, my pleasure… ’till next time my friends!

– Hermey

PAX: Hermey

QIC: 08/03/2016