530 am on Monday the first of August. Perfect SUMMER weather with Gloom, heat and 120% humidity. We started out with a short mosey (dislike running, jogging or moving as quickly as YETI anywhere) to the intersection. Some mumbling about being struck by a car at a school in the middle of summer ???? Circled up and started with the norm SSH15 x’s. Right into Merkins and 15 great form exercises and then Windmills SLOWLY or aka Snookie style at a count of 12 x’s. Then lunges each leg for 10 each and finished off with Hillbillies for 15.

We then counted off by 2’s (well done) and formed 2 lines. We proceeded down New Garden road and stopped for Slap Merkins or whatever they are called ? Then again moseyed down New garden into Plank jacks; another mosey into plank Durkins and onto the bridge for 10 step ups; 15 Durkins and 20 dips OYO.

Moseyed to the back of the school and 45 seconds of Ascending testicles; and wall sits with KICKER walking down the line on our MASSIVE quads. Well done SIR. Planning to wrap up early (surprisingly a LOT to do today) and we circled up for MARY. Freddie Mercuries, Merkins, Perfect Burpies, AlGORES, and American Hammer followed.


WOJO Took us out and it has been a pleasure leading this group of men ! THANK you


PAX: Hackman, Derek Bradshow (FNG), Tweezers, Graffiti, Ozone, WOJO, Phoenix, Kicker, Bull Dog, Slum Lord, Nomad, Corn Hole, Wratched, and Snookie

QIC: Snookie