Awesome morning!  Great job this morning!  We had 15 Pax with (1) FNG – Twisted Sister (Ian Kitchen).

Morning started off something like this:

Plank for 3 minutes – (lots of mumblechatter over the start).  Polar walked in about 90 seconds into it and then joined the Pax.  Then we followed by 2 minute of table with left leg and then right leg up.  Figure 4 leg stretch both sides followed by 6 inches with Boone’s Farm count.  He was silent for first 45 seconds and then stretched it out for another 45 seconds.  Nice work.  Then we stood up for leg/back stretch with right over left and left over right.  Final exercise was hugs for 30 seconds while thang was reviewed.

Thang went like this:  4 corners with 20 lb blocks for use by the Pax.  Between stations there was a sprint (long side of parking garage, approx 110 yards or so) and Mosey (short side, 60 yards or so).  Also between corners 4 and 1 there was a merkin ladder (12 squares or so).

Corner #1

  1. Overhead Press x 30
  2. Curls x 30
  3. Tricep Extension x 30
  4. Bent Row x 30
  5. Straight Arm Raises x 30

Corner #2

  1. Flutter Kick x 100 with block held over chest
  2. American Hammer x 100 with Block
  3. Sit Up with Block x 50
  4. X/O with block; lay flat on ground with block overhead, legs 6” and bring everything in to stomach x 30
  5. A-Z (legs together spelling alphabet) with block over chest

Corner #3

  1. Squat with Block x 50
  2. Lunges with Block x 20 each leg
  3. Jump Squat w/o block x 30
  4. Calf Raises with Block x 100
  5. One leg raises with block x 30 each leg (balance on one leg and go down 6-8 inches and back up).

Corner #4

  1. Jack Webb x 30
  2. Clean and Press w/block x 30
  3. Block bench press x 100
  4. Upright Row x 50
  5. Burpee x 20

6:10 time was called and everyone assembled for Mary.  Plank and then LBCs until 6 was in (40 IC).  Switched to Cindy Crawfords x 12 IC (both sides).  Then called for final exercise of I’s and O’s x 12 IC.

COT by Slumlord

Boone’s Farm at Lunatics Fringe on Friday morning.

Kilowatt on Q tomorrow at Natty’s Hump

Prayers for Wojo and Bedbugs mom and quick recovery.


PAX: Wilson

QIC: 08/02/16