Nothing like an August 1st AM in North Cackalacky to start the week: 75 degrees and 100% humidity on the dial as we started.

You just can’t beat this group to the AO. YHC showed up “early” to set out the cones for today’s festivities and found several PAX already gathered around the F3 Beacon we reverently refer to as the SF. After a quick shout out across the carpool lanes, YHC headed to the “Back 40” to set up the fun. While attempting to set up the drill area, I noticed the leftover clouds from the overnight storms were hiding my pre-dawn light. Might be interesting to run some football inspired agility drills in the dark! #watchyourstep

A few minutes left to spare as the 10 PAX arrived and took advantage of whatever stretching routine they preferred. Unfortunately no FNG’s, so Q introduction made with brief disclaimer was done. YHQ asked to count off and PAX did: 1, 2, 1, 2….Not what YHC had in mind, but it will work. So we were off!

Mosey out to Lake Brandt Rd. for a round trip warm up and then back to Circle. Double Check’s headlamp lead the way & would prove to be useful later.


SSH x 25 IC

IW x 24 IC

DonQ x 20 IC

Mt. Climbers x 25

Sun Gods x 11 IC ea. direction

Chinooks x 11 IC ea. direction

Copperhead Squats x 30 IC

The PAX seemed somewhat warmed up for the AM’s joy so we mosey’d around the right side of school, passed fields in the back to fitness center #? as a brief Omaha. Q decided to allow more time for Dawn’s Early Light to hopefully shine the way.

PAX in the obvious groups of 1’s and 2’s – duh!

Group 1 – Pull Ups x 10

Group 2 – Merkins x 20

Flapjack, then….

Squats x 30 all together now!

Time is limited so we had to forge through the semi dark to begin the:

Football Inspired Agility Drill Thang

As the pre-blast tweet said, you gotta show with a little H.A.M. in you: Hostile, Agile and Mobile!

Double Check headlamp to read signs = #handy!

With only 11 PAX in attendance, group stayed together for brotherly encouragement! #accelerating man

Station 1

Pro Agility Shuffle: 5-10-5 with 3 cones

3 point stance at center cone (#GloryDays!) Run to cone on left (5yds.), touch the ground with left hand and run to far right cone (10yds.), touch

ground with right hand and run thru center cone (5yds). Repeat in opposite direction for 2 reps of drill.

Remainder of PAX Team lined up (uh, sort of – better Q instructions would help!) and performed Balance Merkin Sets:

– One merkin; lift left hand for 2 seconds

– One merkin; lift right hand for 2 seconds

– One merkin; lift left leg for 2 seconds

– One merkin; lift right leg for 2 seconds

– T-merkin on left hand for 2 seconds

– T-merkin on right hand for 2 seconds

Rinse & repeat until your turn and then again until all PAX finish station #1.

Run to Station 2

Shuttle Run: 5-10-10-5

3 point stance at center cone. Run straight ahead to far cone (5yds.), touch the ground with right hand, turn and run back to first cone

(10yds.), touch ground with left hand, turn and run back to far cone (10yds.), touch ground again and run thru center cone (5yds).

Remainder of PAX Team again lined up (no really, we did this time….) and performed WWII Situps until each man’s respective turn and then again until all PAX completed drill.

Q noted this was quite a few WWII sit-ups – #coresore

Run to Station 3

Box Drill: 4 cones 10 yds apart in square.

Sprint from cone 1 to 2, shuffle from 2 -3, backpedal from 3-4, bear crawl from 4 – 1.

Slight #mumblechatter at note of bear crawl

Remainder of PAX Team lined up performing Lunges with Twist. Each PAX started Box Drill when man ahead reached cone #2. Last count we made it thru this drill 2 x with a little EC for JitterBug. #ShowOff or #Sucker – you be the judge!

Somewhere along the way, Bodett noted the lack of #mumblechatter for the Circle Time PAX. Uh, oh! I hope that’s a sign PAX are getting smoked (like the Q) and not boredom with the drills. Maybe the next one will solve any issues at hand…..

Station 4

4 x 25 sprints across field with sprinkling of fun at each stop.

Sprint 25 yards, perform 20 Merkins

Sprint 25 yards, perform 20 LBC’s

Sprint 25 yards, perform 20 Squats

Sprint 25 yards, perform 20 IW’s

Return trip across the field performing the above in reverse order.

YHC checked the time and we had little to spare so:

Sprint 50 yards, perform 20 Merkins and 20 LBC’s

Sprint 50 yards, perform 20 Squats and 20 IW’s

Time for Mary so we picked up our mosey to a nice grassy view (Q saves spines….)of the SF:


X & O’s x no clue, lost count, #mumblechatterisback

Side Raises (need a name) x 15 each side IC

American Hammer (what else?) x 20 reverse IC #hardtohammerlaughing


The 10 #Natville F3 athletes in attendance this AM motivated YHC to push and strive to be a #HIM. Thanks for allowing me to lead this AM. It never ceases to amaze me how much of an honor it truly is to Q, especially at an AO I don’t attend as often as I should. Like Arnold, “I’ll be back!” You all have the H.A.M. for sure. Old school football coaches would be proud.

T-Claps to Double Check for cyclops head lamp and gathering of cones to help pick up.

Thanks for reminding the Q instructions need to be a bit more precise when requesting a count off, or any other instruction!


JitterBug (T-Claps) 3rd F Panera Lawndale Monday AM’s at 6:30 – PAX Prayer Requests/Praises

Stage Fright: Circle Time Service Project: August 6th at Brooks Global Studies Elementary. Need a couple more PAX to help install retaining walls. Show for whatever time you can. Fried eggs may (or may not) show up.

Bodett: 1st Friday Fellowship Lunch coming up at Moes. Look for tweets and show up. Great time with fellow PAX and you can’t beat the “Welcome to Moes!” greeting. What else do you need?

It’s Try a New Workout Tuesday – That’s tomorrow; give one a try.

COT: JitterBug – great words; thanks brother!




QIC: 08/01/16