12 PAX gathered at Oak Ridge Park for a runtastic good time in pairs. No FNGs, so we jumped right into the warmup with:



Mosey to the park bench along the sidewalk next to CrossFit to show them how it is done.

The Thang:

Each man paired up. One man ran the length of the sidewalk and back (1.2 miles) while the other started on the following exercises:


Lt Dan


Carolina Dry Docks

Toe/Heel raises

Reverse LBC

Each exercise was performed until form suffered, then moved on to the next, in a repeating loop until Partner A returned. Then Partner B began the long run while partner A moved through exercises.

We managed to complete 2.5 reps until time was up.

Mosey to the shovelflag.


LBC x20

Rosalita x15

Freddie Mercury x15

Cindy Crawford x15 each side

American Hammer x40

circle of trust:

The Reed family

Kernersville Convergence 8/13/16 at Ivey Redman Park

PAX: The Real Toto

QIC: 7/26/16