20 studs from Natville gathered around Wilson’s shovel flag this morning ready for action. Apparently Woody has kidnapped the Grinder flag to Asia. No FNG’s so a brief intro was given as 2 pax came in hot. We allowed them to step out of their cars and then took off towards Everest.  But first stopped in the parking lot to the right for-

Warm A Rama


Sun Gods (forward) X 10, Moroccan Night Clubs X 10, Sun Gods (back) X 10

Hillbilly IC X 15

Mountain Climber Merkin IC X 15

Monkey Humpers IC X 15

Mosey cross Wendover where a difficult decision to follow I-Beam (site Q) or Quicken who’s route seemed more direct? Sorry I-Beam… We get to the base of Everest and SSH for the six. Then directions for

The Thang

Beast Light was the original name for this WO, but I think it became a Beast Heavy.

We run up all the way to crest of the hill on Northwood stopping at the three intersections and do exercise X 5, then stop again at each intersection on the descent for same X 5

Ascent 1- Merkins

Ascent 2- Wojo’s (w Jumper)

Ascent 3- WW1’s

Acent 4- Burpee’s

Waiting for the six we did Plankorama, SSH, LBC’s and Air Squats

6:05 we start the mosey back to the flag and get there in time for a few minutes of


LBC’s IC X 20


Scuba Buddha IC X 15 (learned this weekend in Greenville at the Sasquatch) not sure what muscle group it worked, but had to give it another try. Jury still out !


Birds Nest took us out and lifted up Wojo and Bed Bug’s Mother who has a procedure today. And gave all the honor and glory of what we do to Him.

Announcements/ Moleskin

  • Great work by all the pax this morning and a special T-Claps to Cummings for leading the charge up and down Everest this morning! He is clearly not affected by the humidity.
  • Shake Weight, Fenceline, Arise are all a GO for Tuesday morning. We don’t care which one you go to as long as you post to one !
  • It was great to be back with the Natville pax this morning too see old friends and meet some new ones.
  • Butt Fumble has clearly been spending time in Carterico and upped his #Mummblechatter game. The morrocan nightclub holler was much appreciated to get us warmed up.

Thanks for allowing me to lead this morning men. Its a blessing for me as always.


PAX: Daisy, Mini Mouse, Nut Hugger (name change pls?), Man Eater, Pinto, Jordache, Sir Purr (respect), Butt Fumble (too late for name change), Birds Nest, Avocado, UGA, I-Beam, Wilson, Cheesy Poof, Quicken, War Eagle, J Love, Cummings, D Fibb, Gilligan

QIC: Gilligan