A muggy 75 degree morning greeted a Mighty 5 #Natville PAX for a Rainbow Dash chunk of the #DRP.  Always concerned about living up to the high 1st F standards of the Greensboro PAX, YHQ wrestled with the workout plan and inserted a couple last minute items to hopefully delivery the pain.

We gathered, we greeted, we each grabbed our pair of bricks (1st last minute addition to #MentalWeinke) and we got out of there (a tad late….) on a mosey to the back basketball deck.  #watchoutforBailey

Setting our small coupons down for the:


Imperial Walkers X 25

Don Quixotes X 19

Mt. Climbers X 25

Sungods X 10 ea direction

Hillbillies X 20

With bricks in hand (sorry hand models), we moseyed to far right baseball diamond for a little Merkin Suicide action:

Sans coupons:

Home base: 5

1st: 10

2nd: 15

3rd: 20

Home base (again!): 25

Start with 5 Merkins at home base, run to 1st for 10 merkins. Run back to home for 5 merkins. Run to 2nd for 15 merkins. Continue to all the way through each base always returning to home for 5 merkins. A nice 90 Merk add on to the Thang.

Mosey to football field with coupons (what are these for anyway?) for The Thang.

Inspired by Article on 1000 Reps to Ripped, we’ll attempt it F3 Style.

Stations spaced out along opposite football field sidelines (except #’s 8 & 9) forcing PAX to run a minimum of 53 yards from one station to the next. Goal is to complete all reps at each station for a sum total of 1000 reps. #lookedgoodonpaper #mightofworkedwithoutmerkinsuicides

Station    Exercise                     Reps on Sheet/Actual Reps Performed

1.            SSH                            300/200

2.            Air Squared                 200/140 with coupons

3             Kettlebell Swing          100/70+ with coupons

4.            Bear Crawl                  100 yds. – completed!

5.            Lunges                        100 ea. leg/50 each leg

6.            Iron cross                    50/50 with coupons – completed!

7.            Carolina Drydocks       50/25

8.            Box Jump or Step Ups  50/20 ea. leg (on the bleachers)

9.            Burpees                        50/17+ (at the goal post)

Instructions given to complete all reps (or as many as possible) in any order desired (ie. can do all at one station and move to the next or break up into multiple rounds).  PAX decided to stay together and break reps into rounds of 3.  Nice works keeping small, but Mighty 5 together!  YHQ’s F3 attendance has been a bit intermittent with vacation travel.  You can tell – Q smoked!  Some of the PAX most likely completed more of the reps than listed above, but I think I’m close for most.  We made it through about 1.6 rounds.

Slow mosey back to flag.


WWII Sit-ups X 25 IC

Side ups (#needtofindname) X 15 ea side IC

American Hammer X 30 IC

Great job men.  It was an honor as usual to lead.  I wish I had the energy of Bailey to push through!  Awesome to have Roxanne out again and see Brisket continuing the return schedule.



PAX: 07/30/16