It was a  great day  to return to the Q and Lead 6 Pax in Beautiful Summerfield.  We had an distinguished guest Surge the founder of the Sad Clown Killer join us.  Here is how it went down.

After the Excitement of having our Founder Join us we Moseyed to the Amphitheater where we did a little Warm-o-Rama


20 Windmills IC Slow

20 Imperail Walkers IC

10 Hillbillies Quick  IC

15 F/R Sungods IC

Explain the Thang we had Three workout Station with the Amphitheater Station 1


Station 1

10 Merkins Ear Touches

10 Mountain Climbers

10 Peter Parkers

10 Parker Peters

10 Plank Jack

RUN TO Station 2 -Edge of the Pond

Station 2

25 LBCs

25  LSF

25 Crunchy Frogs

25 Dying Cockroach

RUN Back to Station 1

Do Above Exercises Again

RUN to Station 3 Which was the Gate to Park

Station 3

15 WOJO Squats

15 JUMP Squats

15 Monkey Humpers

15 Monkey Squats

RUN Back to Station 1

DO above Exercise

Run to Station 2 -Repeat above Exercise

Run to Station 1-Repeat Above exercise

Run to Station 3-Repeat above Exercise- Waiting on the 6 -Cecil the Sugar Ray got some extra work in.

Moseyed to Shovel Flag for some MOM



10 Ski abs IC

25 LBCs IC

20 Freddy Mercury IC

20 American Hammer IC

Pax seemed to be smoked at least they all looked like the Just jumped in a pool.


Prayers for WOJO AND BED BUG Mom

Prayers for BOTOX , for his Grandma Passing away

ALSO BOTOX will have have is VQ next Thursday at the SAD CLOWN KILLER


Xerox (Me) Shared A prayer for Strength


IT was an Honor to lead this Group.

PAX: Xerox

QIC: 07/28/2016