19 PAX post at Natty’s Hump for 80 degree temperatures and high humidity at 5:30 am.

We started with a mosey to the fence to circle up for the


SSH were followed by a demo of how to put the “Herniated Disks” to work.

We carried on with our warm-a-rama while the PAX alternated going from the outside circle to the middle of the circle with their feet in the Frisbees. I could tell everyone wanted more, but we had to move on.

Imperial Walkers


We threw the Frisbees to the sidewalk and started a mosey to the parking lot in the center of the park.

Before kicking off the Thang, we did the following:

Sun Gods

Full body circles

Runner’s stretch with and without the twist (arms pointing to the sky)

The Thang:

Choose a partner, one does an exercise from the list while the other runs to the other side of the lot to complete 3 burpees and return to relieve his partner and flapjack.

Wall Sit

Carolina Dry Docks


Squat Jumps



Mountain Climbers


Inch Worm Merkins

Rinse and Repeat if you are J-love.

Omaha was called so we could run back across the land-bridge, up the hill, around the path to the gate.

Plank for the 6, then some 4-count leg lifts were called, followed by a great torso stretch. Finally, a mosey to the shovel flag for the Name-a-rama.

Everyone gave it their all out there. Great work guys. Tclaps to pinto for diving in with both feet. He was an FNG this past Saturday and today was his third post. Keep it up, it does get easier…kind of.


HDHH tonight approximately 5 pm start at Tap Room.

Look at Circle Time back blast for info on a service project. We are building 2 retaining walls at Brooks global studies. Need to complete them by August 6. Help wanted. Contact Stage Fright if you’re able to help.


COT (AKA – Weather Forecast):

Thanks for taking us out Snookie. Probly the only time I’ve heard the word “precipitation” used in a prayer.

Always an honor to lead,


PAX: Wojo, J-Love, Boones Farm, Pinto, Bed Bug, Nut Hugger, Snowflake-RESPECT, Huffy-RESPECT, Viagra, Botox, Bartman, Stretch, Poehler, Stage Fright, Jagger, Hootie, Snookie-RESPECT, Yeti, Nomad

QIC: Nomad