After an introduction and brief F3 disclaimer (only well-seasoned PAX this morning) we moseyed up the spiral of the parking deck to the top level. YHC forgot how much he missed it! YHC was wearing a backpack…left the PAX in suspense about what was inside…

Short of breath from the brief uphill climb, YHC started the warm-o-rama:


SSH IC x 20

Sungods 15 forwards/15 reverse, Chinooks x15, Moroccan Night Clubs x 15 IC with no recovery until the end.

Up Down Burpees = PAX chop their feet and when YHC called down, PAX performed a burpee and then continued chopping feet. 10 Burpees completed (was a start to burpee challenge day 59)

Next divided PAX into groups of 3 for some TRIPLE CHECK

1 remained in peoples chair, 1 in a plank, while 3rd ran the length of the parking deck and back. Then person in peoples chair ran, plank to peoples chair, runner to plank. Rotated through these exercises until each performed 3 sets.

Now that the PAX were warm (because it was a frigid 78°) and heart beating good, short mosey around the corner to the downward ramp of the parking deck. YHC opened his backpack to reveal homemade TRX straps…placed these on the railings to use for inverted rows!

The Thang:

Divided the PAX into 2 groups to complete some Tabata exercises.

7 exercises. 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest/get ready for next exercise. Goal = complete 5 rounds

Group 1 started with Burpees, group 2 with Inverted rows (since YHC only had 6 straps today)


1. Burpees

2. Squats with toe raises

3. Low FLutters

4. Inverted Rows (with TRX straps)

5. Hand release merkins

6. Crab Cakes

7. Lt Dans

The sweat was pouring but all 5 rounds completed. Moseyed back to the shovel flag for some Mary


Crunchy Frog IC x 20 (not crab cakes)

Protractor – holding at different angles into a medley of exercises. First a wideleft 10 count at 45°, some low dollys x 10, a 10 count by Quicken at 30°, low flutters x 10, high dollys x 10, and sometime later recover.

Finished with some American Hammer x 20


– No announcements

YHC took us out.

Great Work men! Enjoyed seeing everyone push themselves to get better. As always, my pleasure…’till next week my friends!

– Hermey

PAX: Mayor, Dr. Phil, UGA, Drysdale, Crab leg, Secretary, Wide left, Quicken, Woody and YHC (Hermey)

QIC: Hermey