27 faithful got their sweat on at Cornwallis Nightmare.  Here is the breakdown of the beat down.  We moseyed to the church parking lot.  Where I recruited Sacked to warm us up.



Wind Mills – 25 IC,  SSH – 25 IC, on our six for a spin twisting stretch…. hold to the right for 30 sec….. hold to the left 30 sec.  mumble chatter ensued about time running out.  so Sacked seeing the large crowds running around us decided to impress them with our Monkey Humper skills… 15 IC.  Wrapped it up with 20 sun gods forward and backward.  7 diamond merkins, 7 regular merkins, and 7 wide merkins.  Thanks for the Help Brother!


The Thang

We moseyed to the baseball field where we lined up on the right field line.  Form teams of three – size does not matter.

Set 1- Complete 2 sets

1st man – Alternating shoulder taps – AMRAP

2cnd man – Prisoner Get Ups – AMRAP

3RD MAN – Runs to cone and back

Set 2- Complete 2 sets

1st man – Plank Jacks – AMRAP

2cnd man – Peter Parkers – AMRAP

3RD MAN – Runs to cone and back

Set 3- Complete 2 sets

1st man – Plank

2cnd man – Partner Plank Derkins – AMRAP

3RD MAN – Runs to cone and back

Next we formed a Double Applesauce run with a coupon!  when the last man gets the coupon sprint to the front.  We moseyed to the entrance of country park dropped the weights and proceeded to the first hill.  The pax couldn’t wait so I instructed them to partner up for a DORA.  Partner A crabwalks down the hill and then sprints back up while partner B starts the 100 merkins, followed by 200 LBC’s and 300 squats.  We were smoked…. or atleast I was!  Time flys when your having fun… time to mosey back to the flag.  With a little jail break to finish it off. Nice work Big Mitt!

6 MOM (Rotating Q= Yeti, Jlove, Sacked and Matlock)

American Hammer, Low Slow Flutter, Cindy Crawfords, Superman with Sun Gods…Thanks for the back up!

COT – Sacked took us out

Moleskin – Coffeteria at Bruegers!

Always a treat to Q!  appreciate the support from everyone.


PAX: Yeti and Sacked

QIC: 07/23/2016