A sweaty Pax of 13 gathered at the Sanitary Parking Lot in the shadow of an imaginary shovel flag ready to get this week rolling. We were met by locals, Greensborians, and a couple guys that just rolled in off a sandbar. All they could talk about was “low tide.” Blue Cross and YHC noticed a pleasant SW breeze that seemed to drop the 83 degree starting temperature. This breeze unfortunately left us like Misty running a 100 yard dash. As YHC attempted to give the disclaimer, MyT kept turning the “stretching music” up louder and louder. After he did a couple rounds of the the Electric Slide, MyT finally cut the music off and we were off….


We mosey to the big and beautiful Big Rock Landing Deck and circle up for the following:

SSH x 25 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

SLOW Squat x 15 IC. This is when the drama started. Gilligan and Butt Fumble Start arguing over that name of the exercise that YHC called. Butt shouts, “WTH is a slow squat Gilligan?” When Gilligan shows him, Butt responds heck no, that is a “Copperhead Squat!” Gilligan tells him, “Look dude, while in Carterico, you will refer to this exercise as a SLOW Squat.”  They continued to argue until we completed…

Spiderman Merkin x 10, 10 sec low plank hold, Scorpion Merkin x 10, Double wides x 10, 10 sec low plank hold


Ran One Mile to Shevin’s Park.   Gilligan and Butt F made up, My T starts singing Robert Earl Keen, and Edgar starts looking a place use the head. We make 1 quick stop for 20 Seal Claps IC.

We all line up across the tennis courts to exercise as a group, no partners. Dip Stick, the site Q, generally requires us to partner up. However he has failed to draft the Back Blast from Monday July 18. His opinions are worthless and he only has 9 good toes. We perform the following:

  • High Knees across the court x 4, 20 LBC IC
  • Suicide touching all 9 lines, 20 LSF IC
  • Bear Craw half way, 5 merkins, Reverse Bear half way, 5 merkins, down and back. Freddie Mercury x 20 IC
  • Lt. Dan down and back to the tune of Robers Earl Keen’s “The Road Goes on Forever” sang IC, folowed by 10 Burpies OYO

Walking mosey to the Picnic shelter to perform a set of 11’s with Aunt Jane smiling down on us from her front porch across the street. 10 Box Jumps, 1 Dip, cycling through to 1 Box jump, 10 dips. Except for Steamer who just decided to do 10 box jumps and an increasing number of dips the entire time. We circle up in the grass among the fire ants for a quick round of Dying Cockroach x 10 IC and a set of 7s (21 total pushups) lead by Butt F. My T just hollers the entire time about how much he hates offshore fishing and admits that Puss in Boots can out fish him.

The Pax runs together back to the Sanitary Parking lot, with the exception of Misty and Steamer who can barley be seen on the horizon. One quick stop for 15 SSH IC. At 0513, MyT calls out WWI sit ups and leads us to a 25 count. Thanks Bro! A proper beatdown was had by all.


Duck Butter took us out in prayer. We continue to focus on being better fathers, husbands, and sons. Poca has done a wonderful job in citing all announcements in his BB from this morning. Please refer to it.

Great effort this morning men under challenging conditions. Blue Cross has posted 138 consecutive times, Unreal. Keep Frosted Flake in your thoughts as he recovers from a fall off his roof.

It was an honor and a pleasure to lead the pax today, the Table was Set!


PAX: 07-25-2016

QIC: 265