19 members of the F3 PAX made it to the Starmount Stampede. The workout was a combination of a speed work out and a long hill workout. In total (according to my GPS) we ran 3.5 miles during the workout.


We gathered at the Shovel flag and did 20x SSH and 20x Imperial Walkers. We got started running and Nancy called a quick timeout to let someone catch up so we did 10x Old Fashion Windmills and 10x Monkey Humpers.


We ran to Walker Avenue and Lindell Road, turned left and ran for a mile or so doing up tempo speed running. We ran 2 bursts full speed for 30 seconds; then 2 bursts full speed for 45 seconds.

We arrived at the base of Northridge Road, near West Market Street. Northridge Road is a long extended hill. We ran up Northridge to Walker Avenue and back down the hill and planked waiting on the sixth. Then we charged the hill again back up to Walker Avenue and circled back for the sixth.

From there we headed back to Lindley Park along Walker Avenue to Ashland. This part was OYO, as fast as you wanted to go. At Ashland we circled back for the sixth, then ran to the shovel flag and finished out.


We ended with 15x Freddie Mercury and 15x American Hammers


David Garrison (Tebow) for a speedy recovery after hearing he had broken his arms. Take care Tebow, the Starmount Stampede misses you!

Donnie (?) who is suffering from heart and kidney failure and is a co-worker of an F3 Pax.

Prayer for College Park Youth Group (including HazMats kids, Killowatts kids and Anchor as a Youth leader) on a mission trip to Laredo, Texas.

Nancy said be on lookout for announcement about a trail run for Sole Crusher on Sunday.

HazMat took the group out with a prayer.

It was a pleasure and privilege to leads such a fine group of runners on Thursday.



PAX: HazMat

QIC: 07/21/16