YHC tried to get a few people to have their V-Q as my co-Q this week, but was denied. So YHC enlisted sugar-ray Quicken to help beat down the PAX. Quicken gave the introduction #notyourfriend and off we went. Moseyed up the Davie St parking deck to the top level for some Warm-o-rama. Wonderful stairwell smells to wake the PAX up…

Warm-o-rama went something like this:

SSH IC x 21

Imperial Walkers IC x 21

Hillbillies IC x 21

Abe Vigotas (Slow Windmills) IC x 15

Mountain Climbers IC x 20

Peter Parker Peters IC x 20

LBC’s IC x 20

Moseyed down the stairs over to in front of the courthouse for the Thang

The Thang:

Part 1

Stairway to Seven (changed to Stairway to seven pyramid to get more burpees in and to help make us get even better…) Had to make sure we got in our burpees for the Burpee Challenge


1 Burpee at the bottom of the stairs, run up the first level, then 1 Inclined merkin on the first step of the second level, run up to the top perform 1 squat, run back down both levels to the bottom and do 2 reps of each until we reached 7 reps. Decision was to plank and wait for the 6, but mumble chatter about getting better inspired YHC to call a pyramid audible, so we started back with 6 and worked back down to 1 rep.

Part 2

Tabata exercises = quick change of location over to the concrete benches where we started 3 rounds of tabata exercises. 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds rest. 6 exercises rotating down the list, then repeating for 3 sets. Therefore 9 minutes of pain (or actually 6 minutes because there was some rest in there). Encouraged PAX to push themselves as hard as they could as this was you vs you.


1. Burpees

2. Step Ups

3. Catalina Wine Makers

4. Lt Dans

5. LBCs

6. Mt. Climbers

Mosey back to the Children’s Museum for some Mary


Lead by Quicken

Low Slow flutters IC x 15

Homer to Marge medley with Low Dollys x 15, more Homer to Marge into High Dollys maybe into something else (maybe YHC blacked out…)

American Hammer IC x 25


– Kudos to the boys carrying their Ruck packs on the workout

– 2nd F sponsored by Utters 11:45 at Yum Yums

– Go out to the Rainbow Dash try out that AO

YHC took us out in a sweaty ball of man.

What a pleasure to lead this morning! Thanks Gentlemen – Hermey

PAX: Amphibious, Truth, Challeride, Earheart, Gold digger, J-love, Profit, UGA, Grafitti, Explosion, JR, Buck, Ms Daisy, Smokey, HUD, Drydale, Boatshow, Hackman, Mingle, Tomboy, Cummings, Spinter, Jordache, Big Mit, Cornhole, Kicker, Gilligan, Hoser, Ashley, Sugar cake, T-bow, Wideleft, Quicken, and Hermey (YHC)

QIC: Hermey and Quicken