Outstanding work by 9 PAX today!  With no FNG’s in sight, we got off to a prompt 05:30 start.  We claimed our coupons (yes, YHC broke out the H2O jugs again) merely because it sucks more to run with 8.34 lbs in tow than not – EMBRACE THE SUCK!  We started off with a mosey that took us to the back amphitheater where we proceeded with:


(25) SSH

Meanwhile, Slumlord, with his advanced bat hearing, heard the PAX in the gloom and managed to catch up with us at some point between SSH’s and this awful thing Wilson introduced us to a couple of weeks ago at Shake Weight, which is in essence a 4 minute plank/downward dog/6″ hold/Merkin evolution.  Repeat entire rotation 4X without rest and again – EMBRACE THE SUCK!


2 stations approximately 1/3 mile from each other, 4 exercises each station – work through two cycles of exercise and head to the next station, went something like this with a strong concentration on PROPER form…

Station #1

  1. (5) Pull-up’s & (5) hanging leg lifts
  2. (15) Derkin’s
  3. (20) LBC’s
  4. (30) DEEP Squats with water Jugs

Rinse & Repeat 2X and run to station #2

Station #2

  1. (5) Pull-up’s & (5) hanging leg lifts
  2. (10) Parallel Bar dips
  3. (15) Merkins
  4. (20) Crunchy Frogs

Rinse & Repeat 2X and run to station #1

According to Garmin, we logged in 1.41 “weighted” miles today, nice work!


X’s & O’s

(30) American Hammers

COT – YHC took us out.


Come out to support Botox’s VQ on August 4th at SCK!

Honored to work with you as hard as we did this AM!



PAX: Xerox, Tightey Whitey, Ashley, Slumlord, Botox, Cecil, Aleve, Crawdad, JR