40 Sun Gods

30 Windmills (mumblechatter)

2 minutes of SSH.

Inchworm to the Dumpsters

The Thang:

Partner Up.

Partner A does called exercise at Station.

Partner B does called Mosey exercise across parking lot, performs 7 Merkins, and returns to Partner A.  Flapjack., 13 Stations


1) Derkins/ Partner B: Sprint

2) WWII Situp /Partner B: Back Pedal

3)Parker Peters/ Kareoke

4) Peter Parkers / Left Side Hop

5)  Carolina Dry Docks/ Partner B: Right Side Hop

6) LBC’s / Butt Kickers

7) Lt. Dan’s/ High Knees

8) Mountain Climbers / Spring

9) Squats / Back Pedal

10) Dying Cockroach / Kareoke

11) Imperial Walkers/ Bear Shot in the Leg

12) Freddie Mercury / Right Side Hop

13) Lunges / Sprint


Mosey back to the shovel flag



American Hammer x 30

Low Slow Flutter x 20

Announcements: Hump Day HH tonight/Tap Room.

2ndF opportunities Freed to Lead Book Discussion, Paneras- Lawndale, Wed’s 630am

Paint the Town-this August-Glenwood Svc Project with GSO Housing Community-See Butt Fumble for details.

Additional Wed Workout AO: Local Honey

PAX: Wojo, Bodette, Strange Brew, Drizzle, Stage Fright, Big Mitt, Xerox, J Love, Snowflake, Aleve, Crawdad, Sir Purr, Thermonater, Hootie, Short Track, Tommy Boy, Snookie, Cecil, Slum Lord, Lockjaw, CJ, Pamela, Ozone, Polar, Butt Fumble, Lynda, Botox, Norwood, Jitterbug,

QIC: Stinky Cheese