12 PAX, including one visitor from F3 Caterico (Pocahontas), arrived for what was promised to be an easy workout, but Q has been known to stretch the truth a time or two in the past for the good of the PAX.  After gather, we moseyed south on Commerce Place (turned into John Wesley Way), crossed Market St and then south on Greene St.


We arrived at the McCools Public House parking lot where we conducted an active warm-up (Local Honey style):

  • Down: Accelerate to 50%, coast
  • Back: Accelerate to 65%, coast
  • Down: Sumo (stretching) squats)
  • Walking/stretching lunges
  • Down/back: Side Shuffle
  • Down/back: Karaoke
  • Down/back: accelerate to 75%, coast
  • 5 burpees
  • Down/back: accelerate to 100%

After the warm-up, we moseyed to the W. McGee St / S Greene St round-a-bout to meet with General Nathanael Greene (or his statue) who our wonderful wity is named after.


In partners, one PAX executed the exercise listed below, while PAX #2 ran around the McGee St / Elm St / Smothers Pl block, executing 2 burpees at the 3 corners (total of 6 per round).  PAX #2 returned and relieved PAX #1 completing the same exercise, while PAX #2 ventured off onto his run

1. Peter Perkins

  • Peter Perkins: While going down on a standard merkin, the PAX touches the knee to the same side elbow, then switches to the other knee/elbow on the next repetition.

2. Side straddle (SS) squats

  • Side Straddle Squats: With hands in a “goblin” position and standing straight up and down, the PAX jumps out into a squatting position, squats down then up, and jumps back into the starting position.

3. Crab Cakes

4. Dips

5. 180 SS squat/lunges – renamed “Boy Bands”

  • The Boy Band (180 Side straddle Squat / Lunges): The Pax executes a Side straddle squat, when returning to the starting position, turns right and goes directly into a lunge, returns to the forward starting position, executes a Side straddle Squat, then does the same thing to the left side, finally returning to the forward facing position in the starting position, counting 4 total repetitions.

6. Bird-dog (alt ea side)

7. Step-ups

Most PAX completed 6 rotations with some beginning their 7th before time was called.

Interestingly, while UGA was performing his Boy Bands a long-haired “friend” happened to run by and was incredibly impressed at his Boy Band prowess, exclaiming that she hadn’t seen him in a while and that he should call her.  For all of our single PAX, downtown is the place to show off your Boy Band expertise!  Let us know how it turns out UGA!

After the workout, the PAX moseyed back to the shovel flag, executing 2 sets of burpees along the way to complete 52 burpees for the day.


  • 20 LBCs
  • 25 American Hammers


  • Come out for Thursday’s non-running workout, Sweat Angel and give it a shot, especially for those on the IR like I-Beam.

COT: Wide Left

Always an honor men.

Aye – Wide Left

PAX: Wide Left

QIC: 7/20/2016