Starting with a 6-exercise progressive warmOrama involving NO Burpees (sweet!), we got down to business with weights in…


  • Maintaining the Circle Of Pain, with one minute of each exercises and minimal transition time, we punched out:

1. Clean & Press

2. Triceps Kickback

3. WWII Sit-ups w/weight

4. Straight arm hold w/weight

5. Goblet Squat

6. Burpees (ahh.. so there’s where the burpees went!)

7. Sitting Shoulder Press

8. Concentration Curls

9. Bridge Bench Press

10. Upright Rows

11. Rolling Merkin – Reverse Fly

12. Burpees (again – awesome)

13. Stationary Lunge

14. Ukrainian Twist w/weight

15. Seated Fly

16. Single-Arm Bent Over Rows

17. Uneven Merkins

18. Burpees (third time’s a charm!)

19. Cusack Squat

20. Ukrainian Twist w/weights

21. Shrugs

22. Lateral Raises

23. Walking – Balboa w/weight

  • After surviving the entire circuit, PAX were given the additional opportunity to SUPER SET with a few reps each until COMPLETELY SMOKED!

6 MOM – Killed it again with 5-6 core ex’s to ensure #SweatAngel remained worthy of the name!

Great showing this workout and WELCOME John Capwell – FNG “Face Plant”  –  Great effort!

Sorry for no further details or announcements on this post. Much was lost in translation, also Drago blocked out of F3Nation site  – presumably more fall out from aforementioned blood doping violation (re-watch Rocky 4 for refresher on why YHC finds this funny…)

Hope to SYITG Soon all

Long Time for Drago


QIC: 07/14/2016