A PAX of 4 and YHC converged in the gloom upon the SML state park beach area.  YHC arrived a little early to scope things out and create THE THANG.  Upon arrival, YHC inched closer to the beach and decided to anchor down at the perimeter swim buoys.  While the engine of the boat and the music were playing, YHC heard what sounded like a bobcat moaning out.  WOW, what was that?   YHC turned off the boat and music, anchored down and floated in the dark and silence for a couple of minutes until I heard the same noise.  By golly, that’s not a bobcat, that is the homosapien species mating in the wild.   YHC decided to go ahead and swim to shore.  While scoping out the perimeter and creating the Thang, a voice from the water yelled “Sir, Sir, please bring us that towel by the guard stand.”  YHC obliged.  At that point, Explosion and Cheesy Poof arrived to see one of the mammals exit the water.  Who knew?  It must have been his birthday.

More to that story later:

Warm a rama:

20 IC x Windmills

20 IC x Imperial Walkers

20 IC x Hillbillies

20 IC x Peter Parkers

20 IC x Parker Peters


We ran to the guard station to the right of the beach (1st station):

1st round: 50 Merkins

2nd round: 40 Dry Docks

3rd round: 40 Merkins

4th round: 30 Dry Docks

5th round: 25 Merkins

6th round: 15 Dry Docks

From Station 1, we ran to the guard station on the left side of the beach (2nd station):

1st round: 25 lunges each leg

2nd round: 50 squats

3rd round: 25 lunges each leg

4th round: 50 squats

5th round: 25 lunges each leg

6th round: 25 jump squats

From Station 2, we ran down to the surf where the sand and the water meet (3rd station):

1st round: 50 flutter kicks

2nd round: 25 IC LBC

3rd round: 25 IC Low Dollys

4th round: 25 IC Crunchy Frogs

5th round: 25 IC Flutter Kicks

6th round: 25 IC American Hammers

From the surf of the beach, the group swam out to and around the sliding board dock, 35 yards out, 5 yards across and 35 yards back (6 X)

After exiting the water for the 6th time, the group of SEAL worthy (kind of) F3ers lined up for some sprint work on the beach.  The PAX completed (4) 25 yard sprints before heading back down to the surf for some MARY.


30 x IC Flutter Kicks

5 x Plank Extensions with 10 counts

30 x IC American Hammers


Keep Turkey and Nice along with the latest stateside struggles in your thoughts and prayers. Big THANKS to BIG D for allowing us onto his vintage 1931 Chris Craft for a photo op.  AWESOME time.


YHC took us out.

WOW.  What an honor to lead a great group of guys who showed up in the gloom despite being on vacation.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.




PAX: July 16th, 2016

QIC: HushPuppy