Warmarama: SSH, Monkey Humper, Mtn Climber, Sun God + reverse, Plank dips

Station 1: A/B Partner BLIMPS – Partner A runs a lap while Partner B does first exercise, then switch

Warmarama II: SSH, Fire hydrants, side leg lifts,

Station 2:  Burpee / Lt Dan Ladder to 11

Station 3:  Alternating one minute of pull-ups/rows and one minute of SSH, repeat approx 5 times

6MOM:  Freddie Mercury, Cindy Crawford, Mtn Climber, LBC, American Hammer

YHC took us out.  Had a blast – thanks for the opportunity!

PAX: Cummings, Lightyear, Nancy, Mother Fracker, Lynda, Hoser, Refi

QIC: Cummings