Side Straddle hops 15 Sun Gods 12 each Stringers Snookie style 12, Merkins 12 and X’s and O’s 15 On to the ball field; Stopped for some wall sits as balls to the wall and then mosey toward the track and field. Picked up a 75 lb. log on the way. On the field carried the log and hit the punching bag 10’s each. Had some fun carrying the log and the heavy bag which weighed in at 50 lbs. Did dips, dirkins and step ups. Then moseyed to the parking lot and ran several touch and goes. After running a bit back toward the field for a few more log carries, bear crawls and pass the heavy bag back and forth.

After a good time was had by almost all we picked up the bag and the log and headed to the lot for Mary. Q explain we will work upper body, abs and leg. Goblet squats, Hammer time, Bodette lead merkins and Tommy boy lead Homer/Marge. It was an honor leading this morning. Had a few prayers-Phil friend at work relationship concerns, friend who is suffering from lung cancer, Herminator’s family coming home from a trip to Africa and prayers for the world .

Tommy boy took us out.



PAX: Saturday July 16, 2016

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