YHC was excited to lead today on my 1 year anniversary of joining F3. Thank you to Xerox for encouraging me to try it and for everyone who has made it so meaningful since then. You are a great group! After some discussion about just playing Pokemon Go instead of our usual work, the 15 Pax and YHC endured a brief disclaimer and we were off. We moseyed down Greene Street to the statue of General Greene for the warm-o-rama…


Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC

Windmills x 20 IC (old man slow)

Sun Gods x 15 IC forward and reverse

Chinooks x 15 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Copperhead Squats x 20 IC

The Thang Part 1:

Although YHC realized that Independence Day was last week, we did a merkin ladder salute in honor of General Greene. As a bit of history this am, YHC explained that Nathaniel Greene was born in Rhode Island as a Quaker. During the Revolutionary War the Continental Army was getting thrashed in the South. George Washington appointed Greene as General of the Southern Army. Through some shrewd bits of strategy he was able to divide the British Army and weaken them – turning the tide in the South and helping to accelerate us to victory. Thank you sir!

We ran to opposite parking lot, did 21 merkins, ran back, did 20 merkins, etc. all the way down the ladder.

The Thang Part 2:

In light of recent events in our country, YHC wanted to provide an opportunity to think about this outside of our connected world – so we did a quick mosey to the Greensboro Police Parking Lot. There we did three minutes of the following:

10 Lunges then 10 Mary Catherines (Split Jumps ?)

keep repeating these till Q calls time

The Thang Part 3:

We did another brief mosey to the old Woolworth’s – Civil Rights Museum. There we did a 2 minute wall sit followed by 2 minutes of squats.

As time was running short, we moseyed back to the flag for Mary.


Everyone enjoyed a five minute plank exercise followed by 20 American Hammers IC. During the plank, the mumble chatter finally subsided, aside from some odd groaning noises.

YHC enjoyed leading this morning and hope the Pax will think about all the people who have sacrificed to build this great country, those who sacrifice every day to keep us safe, and the work that we still need to do to make it great for everyone.


– 3rd F following to discuss Freed to Lead

– 2nd F – Friday lunch at Yum Yum, cash only, 11:45 am this Friday – Udders is organizing

– Come to Summerfield AO tomorrow – Matlock on Q

– Try a new AO on Saturday

– Arise AO on Tuesdays, Dr. Phil is Q next week, service opportunity follows workout

– Gunny is organizing site Q meeting to discuss growth opportunities etc., watch for email

– Hermey is looking for August Q’s for Local Honey

COT: YHC took us out, encouraging the Pax to open their hearts and minds and to love our neighbors and God has commanded us. Always an honor to lead this group and especially today on my 1 year anniversary into the F3 Pax. Thank you all.

PAX: Lynda, Ashley, Drysdale, Bourne, Defib, Boone’s Farm, Xerox, Crab Legs, Dr. Phil, JR, Hermey, Amphibious, Hackman, UGA, Gunny, Everest (QIC)

QIC: Everest